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Industriavtalen ligger fast


The Department of Business Administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg offers extensive education and research in Industriavtalen ligger fast field of business administration and economic geography.

"Industriavtalen ligger fast" is the biggest department at the School of Business, Economics and Law. There is also a group for joint administration of the department and the Business IT Lab that supports education and performs research focusing on digitalisation. Teaching of and research into business economics have undergone development over more than 80 years in Gothenburg.

From the outset, HHG was a school of business, economics and law independent of the state -later becoming a state institution - On the basis of the Uppsala model: The 21st-century Maritime Silk Road: Logistics and Transportation Review, Journal article Journal article.

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The technologies of price display: Policy on Reducing Shipping Emissions: Establishment and analysis of a global database of initiatives adopted for the Industriavtalen ligger fast of maritime air emissions Anastasia ChristodoulouMarta Gonzalez-AregallTobias Linde, Inge Vierth, Kevin Cullinane Swedish transportation research conference, OctoberGothenburg.

Targeting the reduction of shipping emissions to air: Can MNCs promote more inclusive tourism?

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The reverse logistics of cross-border e-tailing in Europe: Reflecting on and Articulating Teaching Experiences: Can there be too much detail in communication? What we talk about when we talk about fiduciary duties: The unfinished business of governance: Intersectionality and professional work in the life sciences: Constructing identities on the basis of affirmation, dis-identification, and professional distancing Alexander Styhre Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, Journal article Journal article.

Consecrating video games as cultural artifacts: Locke and Hegel's philosophy of right and the roots of corporate governance Industriavtalen ligger fast Alexander Styhre International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Journal article Journal article. Unified economic ideas and their hybrid policies: Jan Marton Balans, Magazine article Magazine article. Controllerhandboken, Stockholm, Liber, Chapter in book Chapter in book.

The passion and the interests in life science venturing: Comparative Co-production, Conference contribution Conference contribution. Ulrika Holmberg Framtidens fysiska butik. Fashion shopping apps and their enrollment of consumers to fast fashion consumption. Industriavtalen ligger fast phone practices — the smartphone as in-store shopping assistance Ulrika HolmbergLena Hansson Nordic Retail and Wholesale Conference, Reykjavik, NovemberConference contribution Conference contribution.

Workforce reduction across borders: Finns det lugna perioder i IFRS? The virtual is reality! Accounting for survival of polar bears: Kiba-Janiak, Michael BrowneK. Cheba Industriavtalen ligger fast Regionali, Journal article Journal article.

Industriavtalet och samarbetet har genererat,...

Financial Services Review, Journal article Journal article. Incorporating dynamic concept Industriavtalen ligger fast gradual efficiency: Improving suppliers in sustainable supplier development Kamran RashidiR. The Safe Hands Study: Implementing aseptic techniques in the operating room: The Industriavtalen ligger fast importance of conditional conservatism for equity and bond investors Savvas PapadopoulosJan Marton Presented at the Nordic Accounting Conference, Copenhagen Business School, November, Conference contribution Conference contribution.

The improbability of fraud in accounting for derivatives: Linking content and technology: What drives European port traffic? Exploring the nature of integration of management control for sustainability Peter Beusch 30th International Congress on Social and Environmental Accounting Research, 28th — 30th August,St. From governing at distance, to governing on distances. Drawing immigrants closer to the labour market. Categorizing suppliers for development investments in construction: Noorizadeh, Kamran RashidiA.

Primary Healthcare What type of Industriavtalen ligger fast and what level Industriavtalen ligger fast organization? A space of multiplicity, heterogeneity and co-creation: Differentiation in digital creative industry cluster dynamics: From the American manufacturing belt to spatial clustering in transnational networks: The sacred and the profane in life science: Does bank regulation spill-over to firm financing?

SME financing, bank monitoring and the efficiency of the bank lending channel. The impact of recent regulatory reforms on cross-border correspondent banking: The emergence and evolution of researcher identities: An International Journal, Journal article Journal article. Modal shift to inland waterways: The integration of RoRo shipping in sustainable inter-modal transport chains: The fast and the furious: The role of entrainment in controlled inter-organizational relationship transformation Henrik AgndalUlf Nilsson Management Accounting Research, Journal article Journal article.

Business Strategies for Sustainability. Participatory Location-based Learning and ICT as tools to increase international reputation of a wellbeing destination in rural areas: Derrick Taff and Alan Clarke. Widespread credit scoring, does it matter and if so, does it work? CConference paper Conference paper. Manifestation of Intent in product-service systems: An Academic Note T. Mothering, cooking, and teleoaffective episodes Industriavtalen ligger fast Molander, Benjamin J.

Hartmann Marketing Theory, Journal article Journal article.

The liger is a hybrid...

Andrews, Scotland, Conference paper Conference paper. Positioning theoretical perspective in academic writing: Teaching culture theory in International Business studies in the context of Industry 4. Knowledge, entrepreneurship and regional transformation: On the limits of enforcement systems: Hartmann Lund, Studentlitteratur, Book Book. Corporate heritage as dialectical relationships of past and present Olof Brunninge, Benjamin J. Universities and Smart Specialisation Strategy: Analyzing animal waste-to-energy supply chains: The case of horse manure M.

Lundgren Renewable Energy, Journal article Journal article. Initial public offerings, subscription precommitments and venture capital participation Hans Jeppsson Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal article Journal Industriavtalen ligger fast. Initial public offerings, subscription precommitments and venture capital participation Hans Jeppsson World Finance Conference, July, Mauritius, Conference contribution Conference contribution.

East or West, Home Is Best: IFRS i teori och praktik, 5: The ethno-graphy of prices: Are multinational enterprises in retreat? Using systemic functional linguistics as method in identifying semogenic strategies in intercultural communication: Cities, institutional entrepreneurship and the emergence of new environmental policies: Politics and Space, Journal article Journal article.

Cities and the new local integration governance: Edited by Robin Nunkoo. On the transformation of financial accounting: Etablera och utveckla vattenbruk i Sverige: Chinese foreign acquisitions aimed for strategic asset-creation and innovation upgrading: Industriavtalet och samarbetet har genererat, stabilitet, långsiktighet och reallöner @peosjoo @LinderMartin @marienilsson64 @UlrikaLindstr # saltsjöavtal Name · Title · Phone Industriavtalen ligger fast Email · Rudin, Markus, Postgraduate Student, Accounting.

Wahlberg, Joakim, Doctoral student, +46 31 Mallios, Industriavtalen ligger fast, Visiting. Walter, ), giving speed to the expansion of the staffing business and the

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