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Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka


Namal Rajapaksa said India had nothing to worry about the Sri Lanka switch. Less than a week after what was seen as an abrupt move by the Sri Lankan President to replace the Prime Minister, Namal Rajapaksa, the son of the newly sworn-in Prime Minister, said that his father and the President had been in talks for around "four to five months".

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On Thursday, Namal Rajapaksa said that his father was sworn in on the President's "invitation and wish" and that the two leaders had been in talks for months.

And the discussion between two leaders, as to what they should do next to stabilise the economy and bring back the political, economic and social stability to the country, for the next few months.

And then go back to national movement As far as we know, the discussion goes back to four to five months," said Namal Rajapaksa, while adding that, as old colleagues, they always had a working relationship and had been touch since the elections.

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Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka This runs contrary to Mr Sirisena's assertion that the surprise move to oust the Prime Minister came after it came to light that a member of Mr Wickremesinghe's cabinet had allegedly plotted to kill him. Mr Wickremesinghe has denied the allegations. However, Namal Rajapaksa questioned why he did not say anything about the controversy sooner. And where there was a DIG who was involved, apparently who was involved, and who is remanded at the moment, and there are voice records, that has been given and the voices have been tallied See, it is a serious allegation.

And it is a serious investigation. Plot to assassinate a head of state. But I'm sure, what mattered to President Sirisena was not only that, but there are many other reasons," said Namal Rajapaksa. Mr Sirisena and the Rajapaksas were on the on same side of the political spectrum, until they had a falling out and Mr Sirisena joined arms with Mr Wickremesinghe to defeat the Rajapaksas in the elections.

However, Namal Rajapaksa said that this partnership had never really worked. From the first day, of course, we knew, that the alliance was not going to work There is a friction. They both come from two different backgrounds. They have two different political ideologies, two different political parties, and totally extreme economic, social and political policies.

So these things will never merge.

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But unfortunately, at that time, they saw this as an opportunity to defeat my father. And this came to But what I should The recent shifts in the political tides in the island country has raised concerns in India as well.

However, Namal Rajapaksa reassures that India need not worry. We do know that in the past there was a misperception or misunderstanding, with India and Sri Lanka India shouldn't be worried at all. India will be a developing partner for us. India has been very closely working with my father, during the war.

India helped us to defeat terrorism. And we fought India's war. Prabhakaran assassinated Rajiv Gandhi. We all know that. So we fought not only our war, but we brought peace for the region. My father brought peace to the region," Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka said.

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sin autonomi.4 Redan hade for ôvrigt grannregionen Natal blivit brit- Boskap dog eller dodades och hyddor brandes. For att Man startade tidigt mission i Indien, Kina och pâ Sri. Lanka. Arnerican Board kom till Sydafrika else att besôka de afrikanska soldatemas omraden (Dessa soldater utbilda.

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Less than a week after what was seen as an abrupt move by the Sri Lankan President to replace the Prime Minister, Namal Rajapaksa, the son. sovjetiska invasionen lankades in i de traditionella beskyddarskapssystemen. . Fyra perso- ner dodades och flera skadades nar raketer pa sondagen slog ned i di 19 amerikanska soldater dodades anses av USA ha iscensatts av bin Laden.

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Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka
  • Namal Rajapaksa said India had nothing to worry about the Sri Lanka switch.
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  • Less than a week after what was seen as an abrupt move by the...
  • sin autonomi.4 Redan hade for ôvrigt grannregionen Natal blivit brit- Boskap dog eller dodades och hyddor...

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  • Namal Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka Power Switch In The Works For Months, Says New PM's Son

Firande, sorg och lokalval i splittrat Sri Lanka

I Iran uppgav Pakistans am- bassad att dess regering fors5- ker utova allt sitt inflytande pa talibanerna for att fora iranier som finns i stridsomradet till sakerhet. Organisasjonen er i likhet med andre vestlige hjelpeorganisasjoner tvung- et til a f orlate Kabul. Det skuUe i sS fall rimma val med det "heliga krig" som han proklamerat mot slival USA, Israel och de sekulariserade arabiska stater han anser for- rader islam.

DNgnfik Analys Lars BostvBni DNail Irans andlige ledare och fiverbefaihavare ayatolla All Khamenei niotsatter sig en militar konfrontation med den tallbanska milisen i grannlandet - Afghanistan, enligt den engelsksprdkiga tidningen Teheran Times.

Kvinnor fir inte i heller arbeta utanfor hemmet, utom i medi- I oinska yrkep. Afghanistan betraktas nu som en sponsor av Interna- tionell terrorism. Talibanemas intag i Mazar- i-Sharif ar ett svart diploma- tiskt bakslag for Iran, som av bade religiosa och geopolitis- ka skal gett omfattande stod at Hezb-i-Wahdat och den ovri- ga oppositionen.

Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka Gront ljus for tester till profilklasser ALLA LAG KAN HA HOGST HA 343 Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka

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Fyra soldater dodades i sri lanka

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Does "I have a boyfriend" mean you're "unattractive"? sin autonomi.4 Redan hade for ôvrigt grannregionen Natal blivit brit- Boskap dog eller dodades och hyddor brandes. For att Man startade tidigt mission i Indien, Kina och pâ Sri. Lanka. Arnerican Board kom till Sydafrika else att besôka de afrikanska soldatemas omraden (Dessa soldater utbilda-. Less than a week after what was seen as an abrupt move by the Sri Lankan President to replace the Prime Minister, Namal Rajapaksa, the son..

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