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I've got no idea if Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt the case, but I do remember very specific smells connected to some of the places I've been to.

Ponta Delgada, the town on the Azores Islands where I lived during my gap year, smelled of rubbish from when the bins were put in the sun and of coolness from the sea. Or at least that's how it smells in my memory. In my mind's eye, or rather my mind's nose, Paris smells of a distinct mix of baked goods, urine and expensive perfume. Glasgow on the other hand, will in my mind always be associated with the very special smell that comes from the breweries, in this case from where they make Tennents beer.

For those of you that's never smelled it, I can only describe it as smelling like bread does when it's gone off, but sweeter. I distinctly remember when I smelled it the first time; my first year here, when I lived in the university halls that were just a bit furhter up on High street from where the brewery is, and I simply couldn't place what it was that smelled.

I wondered Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt days until someone exmplained it to me. I didn't like it at first, then I grew accustomed to it, and then I missed it when it wasn't there, Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt like my experience of living in Glasgow, now that I come to think of it. It was wonderful to just walk down the street and feel like I was right where I wanted to be. I was back on the pavements that I've walked a thousand times to and from university, back together with all the friends that I've missed and back in a odd, rainy city on the banks of a grey river that for some reason has such a big place in my heart.

I've always felt very safe on the streets of Glasgow, which is odd considering that Glasgow is one of the most violent cities in the UK. Perhaps I shouldn't feel that safe here, considering that I'm "Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt" well informed of the poverty, criminality, racism and anger that also resides in this city. A few years ago Glasgow was found to be the city in Britain where you were most likely to get murdered, but at the same time it was also voted UK's friendliest city.

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This has lead to numerous jokes among both comedians and locals, but in all honesty it does illustrate how I feel about Glasgow; I might get stabbed, but someone will help me to the hospital.

To me Glasgow is equal measures roughness and chivalry, brutality and compassion. Maybe that's why I feel so safe here. Most of my friends are still here, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be back with them and to fall naturally back into a social life. Moreover, neither the city nor my university has changed beyond recognition and I find it fairly easy to find my way around in both. Still, you can never recreate the passed and perhaps that's just as well.

Now, I'm not saying that I changed dramatically during my year in Paris, on the contrary I think and hope that I'm still much the same person. But a year as come and gone and with that comes the experiences we get from life and the ways in which that changes us. And to me it seems Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt Glasgow has seen some changes as well. The city seems to have gotten a bit of a face-lift, with massive flower Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt appearing in places where there definetly were no flower pots before.

Buildings have been knocked down and it seems like there are construction sites all over the place. I hardly Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt my way to the Tesco where I used to do my weekly shopping the other day, because they'd torn down so many of the buildings. Most people who were there had just arrived in Glasgow and it was fun to hear their first impression of the place.

Additionally, I got to be the old and wise one who could answer questions and Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt my wisdom about life in this city. When I went to school, and I think this is true for schools in many countries, I was taught that this country is called the United Kingdom or Great Britain Storbritannien in Swedish and the people who live here are called British Britter in Swedish, in case you were wanting to know.

Now, we were also taught that within the United Kingdom there were different nations; England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland the whole thing about Ireland confused the shit out of us when we were twelve, I can tell you that, but we got it in the end. European geography was filled with odd state constructions and we had to learn them all, whilst also trying to remember which cities the Donau flows through. Moreover, in many languages the word for England and Great Britain is either the same or its used interchangeably.

Hence, it can be very difficult for foreigners when we first arrive to comprehend the full meaning of what Scotland and being Scottish is. If you have an unfortunate slip of the tongue you do best just to leg it as fast as your tiny immigrant feet can carry you! Now, if you in any way think yourself above this kind of behaviour, I have a feeling most people in this city will tell you to get on the M74 southbound and just keep walking.

That said, Glasweigans are not rude and inconsiderate thugs, they just have very little sympathy for people who think they are high and mighty. Friendship between men and women does get a bit easier when you're over the age of Because even after the fear of the cooties have eased off, relationships are never without their complications, be it friendships or love relations, physical or platonic, with the same or the opposite sex.

And girl friends for that matter. But somehow, possibly due to the sports I've played and the hobbies I've had, I've found myself being part of groups of friends that are predomentantly male.

My father has Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt called me "one of the girls who is one of the boys" a statement that I think was first said about Lauren Bacall, so I'm in good company there. They've literally carried be back from bars when I've had too much to drink.

They've taken huge detours just to make sure I got home safely. They've lend me a listening ear for hours when I've needed to talk. They've volunteered with their helpful, and sometimes incredibly unhelpful, advice for whatever problem I've had. Because in my experience there's not that much difference between having male and female friends. Except in two very special cases.

Or well, not always, but they would never say that I didn't look nice. I don't think women do that to each other. We just let the silence and the fake smiles speak for themselves. The amount of shit I got from my male friends in the fencing club when I wore a denim shirt with Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt tie you know, rockin' the Annie Hall-look a few years back must go down in history as one of the longest sustained mockings ever.

And maybe they were right, maybe that look isn't for me. Or maybe, which is more likely, they Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt no sense of style. Whereas most of my female friends would happily pimp me out to whatever male mammal that walked on two legs and had a pulse, my guy friends are more protective of me.

They more Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt see flaws in other men and more often think that "I could do better". Sure, "Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt" you're with a group of lads the tone of the conversation tends to be rougher, the jokes harsher and the physical contact kept to a minimum.

But in my case the stereotypes of male or female friend groups just aren't there. For example, I almost never talk about sports with my guy friends other Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt fencing, for obvious reasons, since that's how I know many of themnor do I borrow clothes from my female friends, just to mention two stereotypes of what male and female friend groups.

In my case, most of my girl friends can blurt out dirtier jokes than my guy friends could even dream of and some of my guy friends have a much better sense of health and fashion than my girl friends.

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In my experience friend groups are different because of their internal dynamics and the personalities of the people in them, rather than the gender. Some groups of girl friends are very touchy-feely with each other, and some are not. Some groups of guys are very rowdy, others are not. To them I could only say; don't me shy, don't shut people out of your life who could enrich it because of their gender. And if you still don't like it, you can always stop hanging out with them.

Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt the end I do think it's true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, because we are very different, but for the time being we're all living on Earth together and there's no reason not to make the most of our time here.

Not that most news reports aren't disturbing, but this particular one concerned Glasgow, which was what made me rouse from my slumber and has left me pondering this issue all week.

Now, I knew that Glasgow is one of the poorest cities in the Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt, but still the figure, one in evey three was shocking.

However, shocking as it might be, from a political science point of view, I can understand it. Sadly, Glasgow is plagued by what us nerds in academia like to call 'first world poverty', meaning issues such as low life expectancy, high rates of "life style diseases" such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, high levels of addictions, whether to alcohol, drugs, tobacco or gambling, abusive homes, high crime rate, unsafe streets, high rates of teenage pregnancies and low education.

The list goes on and on. This 'first world poverty' is essentially different from so called 'developing world poverty', which is what most people think of when we think of poverty, lack of food, water and shelter, unstable societies and rough states, succumbing to diseases such as malaria, HIV, cholera and dysentery, high infant mortality, low life expectancy and low levels of education. Well, some things are remarkably similar among the differences, I guess. I can analyse theses issues.

In fact I have, a lot, in essays and seminars and reviews of papers and articles. But in spite of that, I find that I still can't imagine it. I cannot fully imagine what it's like to live in this city, on these streets, and live in poverty.

My boundless imagination has been my good companion for as long as I can remember; from my earliest childhood days when my parents sometimes had to physically shake me to get me out of the made-up world that I was currently in and back among the living to endless hours in school and at uni when my imagination "Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt" me to places far from the dreary classroom I was sitting in.

She quickly recognises that glazed look in my eyes that signals that her daughter has now drifted far off into her own imagination and needs to be brought back to reality before she burns dinner, drives off the road or ruin the wash. People who don't know me very well sometimes think I'm hard of hearing, because when they try to say hi to me when Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt meet on the street, I almost never notice.

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There's nothing wrong with my hearing, it's just that my head is often so far up in the clouds that the sound of a person speaking to me, even if he or she is next to me, doesn't travel that far. Just the other day I lost almost half an hour of studying because I saw a squirrel outside my window and began thinking about what his life must be like and imagining what it would be like if I was a squirrel pro's: I'd have a cool tail and eat nuts all day, con's: I'd have to live outside all the time.

Could it be because I Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt want to imgaine it, because I'm too ashamed of the fact that I can live in excess while my some of my fellow Glasweigans live in despair.

I don't want to feel like I belong to "Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt" "have's", the "well-to-do". There's an air of pompus lady-of-the-manor to that fact which I'm really not comfortable with.

Somewhere war-torn and famine-striken and AIDS-infected where we could send our money and our worn out clothes. Yes, I've got the knowledge of 'developed world poverty' from well-structured accademic journals, but they tend to be detached and scientific in their style and thus so are the discussion around them.

But other than that there's no established imagery for what poverty looks like here, in my midst. It's not about being down on your luck for a few months, not about having a couple of meagre "Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt" before the next paycheck arrives, it's enduring and almost institutionalised.

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If you're born on Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt wrong side of the tracks, or in this city I guess it's about the wrong side of the river or the road, it's very hard to move. Social mobilty is mostly a word used by accademia and not a term that applies in real life. The sad fact is that if you were dealt a bad hand at the start of the card game of life you're in for a tough game. Because I think that the first step in trying to understand something is to try and put yourself in that position.

It was a very typical Glasgow morning, in a very typical Glasgow post office, on a very typical Glasgow street and I was being served by a very typical Glasgweigan lady. Our conversation went something like this, more or less:. No bother pet, is that for Smaksatt sida uppskattat skamt regular size letters and post cards? After all, it's not a particularly difficult transaction. Still, if the same converstation had taken place three years ago, and similar conversations did often occur, it would have baffled me to no end.

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I've got no idea if that's the case, but I do remember precise specific smells connected to some of the places I've been to. Ponta Delgada, the town on the Azores Islands where I lived during my gap year, smelled of rubbish from when the bins were put in the sun and of coolness from the oodles. Or at least that's how it smells in my memory. In my mind's eye, or measure my mind's nose, Paris smells of a limpid mix of baked goods, urine and expensive Glasgow on the other hand, will in my mind always be associated with the very extra smell that comes from the breweries, in that case from where they make Tennents beer.

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