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Lugnande besked om zlatans skada


The purpose of this thread is to get feedback for improving the proposed system, as well as gathering community support, as well as admin support, before working on this project, as it will be very wide reaching and change quite a few facets of gameplay.

Likewise, if you like the system, if possible explain what parts you Lugnande besked om zlatans skada the most. Different occupations start with different amounts of credits at the beginning of the round. A key theme throughout history of creating economy-based drama and conflict is the addition of wealth gaps.

I'm imagining there'd be three 'wealth classes' that determine how much money you start with at the beginning of the round. Command, NT Rep, Blueshield, etc. These would start with credits in their account each shift. They wouldn't really run into any monetary problems over the course of the shift.

The "big" three or four departments: Engineering, Security, Medical, and Research staff would start with credits in their account. The QM also falls into this class. The largest class, and also the lowest paid. These would start with credits in their account. Each department account would start with about credits in it. There would also be a main station account with credits in it, a payroll account with credits in it, and an emergency account with credits in it. Wages would be paid once every 20 minutes from the payroll account.

The base wages for the different classes would be: This is a mid-to-high pop station. This would take about an hour usually to deplete the starting payroll budget, so usually, along with other money sinks, there would need to be management. The HoP gains the responsibility of managing the station budget and "work orders" which will be explained lower in the post.

Various departments would have ways of managing their expenses and generating income, and the HoP is the one in Lugnande besked om zlatans skada of the station accounts and the budget. More on this will be explained lower. However, the current barrier to Lugnande besked om zlatans skada for services such as food, and medical care is how loooong it takes to set up transactions, and is generally not fun.

There needs to be made faster ways to process these that are almost automatic. Let's call these "work orders". The kitchen gains a "nanopaste injector" which can inject food with nanobots that mark the price of the food. This price can be seen by examining the food. When food is eaten, the nanobots take the DNA of the consumer and use this to generate a "work order" based on the medical records found by that DNA string. A work order with the price is sent to the HoP and the linked account for processing.

A "medical ticket" dispenser could be added to the lobby. These holographic tickets can be printed out for a small fee, or a Lugnande besked om zlatans skada charge.

These will last for 20 minutes and mark the user on medical HUDS. The dispenser can be configured to automatically grant access to medical bay if these tickets are bought so patients can buy their way inbut this would start off by default and be up to the CMO.

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This "fast entry" feature can also be configured with whitelists and blacklists so that, for example, crew can buy a ticket to enter medical bay and get treatment, but a certain crew member or profession clown or mime, for examplethat prints the ticket but does not grant Lugnande besked om zlatans skada. So to prevent unwanted entry into medical. Additionally use of health analyzers on patients can generate seperate work orders based on the severity of Lugnande besked om zlatans skada injuries of the patient.

Cryotubes and operating tables can also be configured to generate work orders surgery is expensive, yo! The HoS must approve these fines at his request console. The base fines would be "Disturbance": These stack with multiple offenses. This helps security generate revenue but also discourages self-antagging. Capital Crimes would warrant a "termination" of the convict's account, freezing the account and transferring all credits to the station account.

The CE can choose to instate a "gas tax" or "safety tax" which is a small automated tax on every crew member. All the above things and possiblly more generate "work orders" or "payment orders".

These must be approved by the HoP, and will collect over time. In short, none of the above things will actually charge the crew's accounts unless the HoP actually processes the orders. This is to prevent abuse by crewmembers spamming RPEDS or health analyzers on other crew to gain money for their department and the station.

For things like medical and research, these orders can be "grouped", and an automated algorithm can be useful for doing so. If a doctor scans a patient's vitals multiple times, the HoP can condense these into one charge, not multiple. This process is also completely optional. A HoP might find themselves never approving any payment orders, depending on other income sources they might come across.

In this matter they collect over time, so an hour into the round the HoP might be low on funds only to open up the work orders screen to find tons of orders they can process to raise money. It is important to note that the HoP has no control over, say, the price of the gas tax, the cost of medical treatment, or the fines set by the HoS. The different department heads control the various prices of their services, so this introduces some meaningful department politics.

As they, of course, are the CO of the Cyberiad. Piss off the captain by toe-ing the line and you might find your department's budget mysteriously a few hundred Lugnande besked om zlatans skada short.

Of course, department and station budgets are useless without money sinks to be worked around. The most obvious and largest money sink of course is the payroll, which will have the largest effect. Another sink is the cost of calling and recalling the emergency shuttle, which is a flat Lugnande besked om zlatans skada to call, to recall. This is the primary purpose of the emergency budget.

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Additionally cargo would be moved to a system based on credits rather than supply points, and all items in the game would recieve an arbitrary value so lower-class crew trying to scratch a living to get food and medical treatment could sell stuff to cargo. Another possible money sink from the station would be "audits" from central command, or audits from the NT Rep.

So far all this talk has been about the station and various budgets, but what about the individual? Well, for one, the starting pay of most crew will serve to Lugnande besked om zlatans skada off food and medicine until the first few pay-rounds, but there are various other ways to get money, such as transactions with other crew members. The above systems add plenty of ways to go into debt and become bankrupt. Getting robusted by the clown not only means getting a face full of medical bills, but also a possible fine if security believes falsely, of course, those fascist skreks that you were part of the fight.

Another spectrum of Lugnande besked om zlatans skada is added where crew also have to balance their money as well as the other parts of SS It's inevitable, and it will eventually happen. The HoP is able to set two thresholds, a "debt cap", and a "debt limit". The debt cap default credits is the maximum amount of debt an employee can go into before they are cut off. The station budget automatically pays off the indebted money, up to the limit, unless the money is going to the station budget itself.

Accounts in the red will reroute all recieved money into the station budget until they are out of debt. While the debt cap only cuts off spending, it is still possible to accrue extra debt, such as from hospital bills or, probably the most common form, from security fines.

When the account's debt reaches the "debt line" default creditsthe HoP will recieve a message from his PDA or request console, and security will also be notified. "Lugnande besked om zlatans skada" the captain or HoS agree to it, then the HoP can order a crew member past the "debt limit" detained.

That crew member will then be forced to work at the labor camp for a certain amount of time at which point the station will pay off the crew member's debt. Alternately, the HoP could also freeze the employee's account to prevent further debt. The HoP dun goofed, and now the station is out of money. What happens here is really up to the admins, either CC can leave the station in the rain and politely tell them "you're fucked, you're here Lugnande besked om zlatans skada make us money, not cost us money", or bail out the station.

In the latter case. In the event payroll is not able to be paid, the crew will probably be very pissed off, and CC will send some stern warnings to the station.

If the station is running out of money, the HoP is expected to take more and more vigorous measures to ensure bankruptcy never happens. Such things can involve higher prices and taxes, or more departmental tax e. Since Lugnande besked om zlatans skada would use departmental budgets to order everything, they take on a more active role then sitting around waiting for orders.

They can barter and buy things from the crew like a pawn shopto sell back to CC. The use of department accounts comes into mind here because various staff can use their department accounts to purchase things like virus crates or sheets of metal. And would be the main money sink for research. They would have a special Z-level where they can use special vendors to buy stuff to sell, and can make multiple trips back and forth. Such aggressive manners of conducting business are looked down upon by NT however, and abusing this power to anger traders may result in some unkind CC announcements.

Matters regarding visitors fall entirely upon the Captain, and the magistrate has no say in the matter. Insulated glove merchants anyone? As the framework for this is already in place thanks to failed earlier attempts, this could be looked at again. An idea Lugnande besked om zlatans skada have for this is to make in-game accounts separate from OOC accounts.

Mainly, all players have a shared account across their characters that starts with credits. All players will start with a special device they can use to withdraw money from their OOC account, when they need it in a round. They can withdraw from their OOC accounts over the course of the round, just not put money back in.

If you something needs clarification just ask and I can explain it better. HoP gets more stuff to do, cargo gets more stuff to do, departments get a seamless way to charge for services without using clunky EFTPOS scanners, Lugnande besked om zlatans skada command politics becomes a thing.

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