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The syllid fauna of three locations in Crete and Israel eastern Mediterranean Sea was studied, yielding 82 syllid species, many of which were found for the first time in the respective areas: Seventeen species were recorded for the first time on the Israeli coasts and 20 in Greek waters.

Detailed information is given on the morphology, ecology and Dyr nota for barcelona of the species recorded for the first time in the studied areas. The Syllidae are a highly diverse family of polychaetes with currently around valid species belonging to over 80 genera pers. The present study contributes to the current knowledge of the syllid fauna of three different locations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea: The material has been collected in the framework of two different research programmes and from two different habitats Fig.

In all samples, Syllidae were highly abundant and yielded many species recorded for the first time in the respective area, as well as a species Dyr nota for barcelona to science Faulwetter et al. In the Mediterranean Sea, syllids have been studied by numerous authors in extensive taxonomic and biogeographic works e. In Greece, polychaetes have been studied by various authors e.

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BellanFassariArvanitidis, SimbouraSimboura and NicolaidouAntoniadou et al. This paper gives an account of the syllid species encountered in the three sampling locations and provides detailed information on the morphology, distribution and ecology of those species recorded for the first time in the respective area.

Specimens from Israel were collected on 31 May and 11 Oct in Haifa Bay, Israel, eastern Mediterranean Sea from soft sediments of mixed grain sizes in shallow waters Table 1. In this study, only a subset of the collected material is presented. Specimens from Crete were collected in September and June from two sites in northern Crete characterized by a continuous hard bottom habitat with dense algal coverage and a moderate wave exposure Table 1.

At each site, two vertical transects with sampling depths at 1 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m and 20 m were defined and five replicates were taken from each transect and depth. The sample was collected by a manually operated suction device, supplied by air from an extra scuba tank. The samples were subsequently washed through a 0. Specimens were examined under an Olympus SZx12 stereomicroscope and an Olympus BX50 microscope and identified by employing the most recent literature on Syllidae e.

Illustrations in pencil were made by means of a drawing tube, subsequently scanned, imported into a graphic program GIMPre-drawn and saved as a vector graphic.

Information on species distribution among Mediterranean regions was adopted from Musco and Giangrande Dyr nota for barcelona updated according to recent literature and to findings from this study.

Abbreviations for biogeographic regions used in the text are: This manuscript was prepared in a Virtual Research Environment Scratchpads allowing for rapid and simultaneous publication of the results in print as well as electronically in a semantically enhanced form Blagoderov et al. This publication and all supplementary data tables, figures, taxon information are also available under a Creative Commons license on the "Dyr nota for barcelona" Scratchpads http: The underlying dataset of this study has been published under a Creative Commons license according to the Pensoft Data Publishing Policies and Guidelines for Biodiversity Data Penev et al.

The data are furthermore available in Darwin Core Archive format, a simple and extensible schema for sharing biodiversity data which has been developed by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility GBIF, http: Darwin Core Archives are essentially a set of text files stored together with an XML descriptor file which describes the structure of the data files. Data are described through the Darwin Core schema, allowing for their usage within the semantic web.

This new type of data publishing allows data to be indexed and discoverable through global biodiversity infrastructures such as GBIF or other data Dyr nota for barcelona, allows data to be integrated and compared with other datasets and ensures proper accreditation of Dyr nota for barcelona data provider Penev et al.

Additionally, the data have been deposited in the Dryad Data Repository http: Examination of a total of samples yielded 82 syllid species Table 2of which 49 were found in Alykes Crete62 in Elounda Crete and 23 in Haifa Bay Israel.

Polychaetes) in the eastern Mediterranean,...

The material yielded a number of species reported for the first time in the studied areas: Twenty species are reported for the first time in Greek waters, of these, six are new additions to the Aegean fauna. Seventeen species are newly reported for the Dyr nota for barcelona coast, of these, 4 are also new records for the Levantine Basin. The studied material yielded also 4 species which are new additions to the eastern Mediterranean and 2 to the Mediterranean fauna Table 2Fig.

Dyr nota efter rymmarjakt. Polisen...

Information on morphology, distribution and ecology of the newly recorded species are given below. Numbers of additions of Syllidae and Exogoninae to various regions of the Mediterranean. Species occurences at sampling stations. Years and replicates have been pooled.

Transects sampled in Alykes and Elounda have been combined. New record for the Greek coast. Shallow subtidal depths, in sandy and muddy sediments, among photophilic algae and Zostera beds, in vermetid reefs.

New record for the Aegean Sea. Shallow subtidal depths, in sandy and muddy sediments, on rocks with algal cover, among Posidonia oceanica rhizomes. Myrianida fasciata Milne Edwards, New record for the Mediterranean Sea. Prostomium pentagonal with 4 eyes Dyr nota for barcelona trapezoidal arrangement, posterior pair closer together than anterior one.

Palps longer than prostomium, basally fused. Antennae cylindrical, smooth, longer than prostomium and palps. Tentacular cirri similar to antennae but slightly longer.

Dorsal cirri of some anterior segments slender, longer than body width, some Dyr nota for barcelona, in midbody alternating short and long cirri, posteriorly all shorter than body width. Parapodia with 9—10 falcigers per fascicle anteriorly, 6—7 posteriorly. Shafts smooth or slightly serrated. Blades with marked dorso-ventral gradation dorsal ones 3 times longer than ventral onescoarsely serrated, with small subdistal tooth.

After proventriculum, dorsal blades unidentate, elongated, spiniger-like, twice as long as anteriorly, ventral blades stout, with strong serration, especially basally. Dorsal simple chaeta first appearing on midbody, blunt, subdistally serrated. Ventral simple chaetae posteriorly, bidentate, equally sized teeth forming a right angle, some long spines subdistally.

Paired aciculae anteriorly, single ones posteriorly, with rounded, slightly enlarged tip. Pharynx through 4 chaetigers, pharyngeal tooth located anteriorly. Proventricle through 5 chaetigers with ca.

The subfamilial affiliation of Perkinsyllis augeneri has not yet been fully resolved.

Associated Data

In recent molecular phylogenies the species groups either within Exogoninae or as a sister group, and forms a sister clade of Eusyllinae in all analyses Aguado and BleidornAguado et al. Therefore, a detailed description of the specimens is unnecessary here. The Mediterranean specimens show slight differences from the description of the Australian ones in the length of Dyr nota for barcelona pharynx 6—7 chaetigers in Australian specimens vs 5 in Mediterranean onesand the number of falcigers per bundle in anterior chaetigers ca.

The present findings thus extend the distribution range of the species to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Since there are no intermediate records of the species from the Indian Ocean or Red Sea, this disjunct distribution suggests a potential human-induced introduction of the species to the Mediterranean Sea by vectors such as ballast water or fouling fauna on the hulls of ships.

However, since the polychaete fauna of the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and eastern Mediterranean Sea is understudied, the species might have a truly circumtropical distribution. Pionosyllis gestans Pierantoni, North-east Atlantic Iberian Peninsula. New record for the Israeli coast. New record for the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Until 13 m depth, in coarse sands, among Posidonia oceanica rhizomes. Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensispygidium Israeli material. Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensisanterior A and posterior B dorsal cirri Israeli material. Meer Typ North-east Atlantic NormandyMediterranean Sea: The specimens from Israel agree well with the specimens from Normandy, however, the Mediterranean specimens differ from the Holotype in: Ventrally 2 smaller about half the size of dorsal papillae papillae in middle of ventrum at posterior end of each segment.

Specimens from Normandy have an irregular papillation pattern, but papillation is more distinct laterally, as in specimens from Israel; b Length of anal cirri: Specimens from both locations have anterior dorsal cirri with two papillae dorsal and ventral and posterior dorsal cirri only with dorsal papilla Fig.

Individuals identified by Ben-Eliahu a as Sphaerosyllis tetralix Eliason,from the Gulf of Elat and the Mediterranean Sea might in fact belong to Prosphaerosyllis "Dyr nota for barcelona." The description and illustrations agree with many characteristics of Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensisincluding the characteristic papilla on the dorsal cirri.

However, Ben-Eliahu reports the species to have palps widely separated anteriorly fused in Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensisdorsum with four longitudinal rows of papillae irregular rows in Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensis and the proventriculum stretching through 4 chaetigers 5 in Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensis. The material of the species described by Ben-Eliahu could not be examined during this study, therefore it can only tentatively be assigned to Prosphaerosyllis chauseyensis. Prosphaerosyllis longipapillataCyprus].

These two characteristics are reported however for Prosphaerosyllis bilineata Kudenov and Harris, from California. To determine the identity of the Mediterranean material and whether Prosphaerosyllis bilineata and Prosphaerosyllis longipapillata are different species or not, careful examination of all type material is needed. Prosphaerosyllis marmaraeParatype]. B, Holotype et SEM]. The recently described Prosphaerosyllis laubieri Olivier et al.

These two species differ however in the following characteristics: Prosphaerosyllis riseri Perkins, from Florida shares with Prosphaerosyllis marmarae the shape of the dorsal cirri and antennae short and strongly retractedhowever, its palps are less densely papillated. The morphological characteristics of her specimens agree very well wth those of Prosphaerosyllis marmarae papillated palps, presence of eyespots, minute Dyr nota for barcelona Differences can be found in the cutting edge Dyr nota for barcelona the falcigerous blades which are smooth in the Red Sea specimens, whereas those of Prosphaerosyllis marmarae are serrated.

The material of the species described by Ben-Eliahu was not examined during this study, therefore it can only tentatively proposed to be assigned to Prosphaerosyllis marmarae.

New record for both the Israeli and Greek coasts. Salvatoria kerguelensis McIntosh, Until 20 m depth, among algae with much sediment, among Posidonia oceanica rhizomes, in sediments with much organic material. Until 20 m depth, on hard substrates between algae, in seagrass beds, on coralligenous substrates. Until 30m depth, on rocky substrates among photophilic algae, as endobiont of sponges, among Posidonia oceanica rhizomes.

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  1. The syllid fauna of three locations in Crete and Israel eastern Mediterranean Sea was studied, yielding 82 syllid species, many of which were found for the first time in the respective areas:

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Dyr nota for barcelona


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