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Politikerslips hur kul ar det


So learn how to use that in your area. It is only used for people you know school, work, etc.

"hej hur går det" English...

But in Sweden that question would be quite odd. If you are not a total strangerit depends on how familiar you are with your interlocutor. One way of knowing the right way to greet is watching how your interlocutor greets a common friend.

Swedes are very picky with their personal space so it takes a time to understand how to reach them, even if you are co-workers or classmates. For most friends that will be the colloquial way of greeting each other. This expression in my opinion is not a greeting but a mean to support communication. If you want to greet someone, the step number one would be: This is the way you want to establish contact with a Swedish speaking human.

It is likely the question will be ignored. When you succeeded, step number 2 would be: There are plenty of colloquial expressions mentioned in the answers below. You can also say: They all mean pretty much the same, usage depends on which social register is being used. Initially just used by youngsters, but it's very widespread now and pretty much the default phrase Politikerslips hur kul ar det all under 50, except for very formal circumstances. The more formal greeting would be: You could replace dag with morning or evening.

Actually it would be weird to greet someone "Politikerslips hur kul ar det" just woke up with anything but: God morgon, Good morning. When leaving with the intention to go to sleep you are expected to say: God natt Good night.

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Try for free today. Free Trial at commun. Tjena is very hip, used among friend and close ones. Hej is the most formal one. Often doubled hej hej. Quora Userborn and raised in Sweden. Related Questions What do the Swedes think of Trump? Can Swedes understand German?

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Translation for 'hej hur går...

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Translation for 'hej hur går det' in the free Swedish-English dictionary and many other See the example sentences for the use of "hej hur går det" in context. How is "Hur mar du" different from "Hur ar du"? 3 years ago Hur är du? would not refer to your emotional or physical state, it would simply mean 'how are you?.

"hur är det med dig?"...

If you are not a total stranger, it depends on how familiar you are with your interlocutor. It could be “Hur är läget?” (What's up?), “Läget?” (Whassup?), “Tjena !.

Hur mår du? English: Hi....