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Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit


Ryking ligger 50 av 53 i Class 40 nu…. For me this race is very personal because Mikael Ryking is fighting against the storm. Every time, looking at race web site, I feel worry and proud at the same time. I am proud of courage and perseverance of Micke. I am also proud of our friends and relatives who helped with preparation. A few days before the race, so many things were broken on boat — almost all of the most important thing — both anemometers failed, engine failed it is generator in case if fuel cells is not enoughthere were problems with autopilot drive, fuel cell that came Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit repair required a new controller, new mainsail arrived a few hours before deadline to leave pontoon.

At some point we even thought that it would be impossible to solve all this in such a short time, and Mikael would not be able to go to the start. Friends and team is one of the most important components in such moments. From people, who is next to us, depends more than it seems. All together we managed, and Mikael is in the race!. All night we were finishing everything that could be finished, and even in the morning we climbed to mast to make new lashing Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit the halyard of heavy weather jib, which in the first week became the most important sail.

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We even did not have time to test any of repaired systems. After start, the priority for Micke was to sail safely and gradually sleep before meeting storm. It was very hard to see him in the very tail of fleet.

But after a day, he began to confidently climb higher and higher in the rating. Such decision to go to shelter is not easy, and I want to express words of support to all friends who have decided to go to port of refuge.

Zombiedramat ”The walking dead” är...

We will continue to follow you in the race as you continue! We will use this experience and now nuances are better understood with what can be encountered. Saint Malo showed it kind and nice side this day Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit 4, the day of the start of the Route du Rhum.

Sun is shining, weather is sweet — makes me wanna trim my sailing sheets… A new version of Bob Marleys old goodie. But to be honest, I had yet to get into race mode. So many critical things were solved just hours before docking out of the pontoons. How about getting your new main sail out from Customs clearance just 11 hours before you take off for one of the worlds toughest races?

And then need to put all stickers on, adjust the battens and pray for it to fit perfectly. Well, my sailmaker, gransegel had made a fantastic job. The sail fitted to perfection and I am so happy it were no need for adjustments. The problem with the late delivery is solely due to TNT who sat on it for a week in Rennes. But great help from Route du Rhum race organisation helped to make TNT moving and then a bunch of Swedish No-Crewers came to help making it ready for race.

But main sail was not all at this late hour. Engine had stopped working and was partly repaired at noon day before start. Some more repairs I had to do in the morning same day as start. And also the mast head unit for wind was broken. Both of them which finally resulted in replacement of two cables in the mast.

Thanks to Pietro Luciani and his friend this issue was also solved. And many more issues. Ok, some notes on the race too. Start went fine and very easy. A nice reach and perfect conditions. I had problems with my furling kite and could only go with full main and jib. Although flying good on this, the other flew faster. This was very frustrating and it made me fall behind.

At Cap Frehel I had made a temporary fix and could hoist it when the wind dropped. But later in the night I had to take it down again and go only on main and jib. This is of course very, very bad for my chances to perform on this race but I have to sail a but concervative especially as the wind is forcasted to pick up and the issues I had would have been a disaster when in stronger wind and for sure had jeopardized the rest of the race.

My strategy is to head west and south as much as possible and then when the big storm comes deal with the front in a safe manner. Making a stopover in Brest as many were talking about Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit make us stuck there for many, many days and then a very bad situation to get over the Bay of Biscay.

Right now forcast is not too bad, wind is forcasted only to a bit more than Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit knots. And I respond when I have the time. British skipper Sam Goodchild has dismasted during the second night of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe whilst racing in third place in Class40 on Narcos Mexico. Goodchild, 28, was racing well in strong conditions, sailing in around 30 knots of southwesterly wind and big seas and had just moved into third place in the strong division when the mast broke around hrs CET.

He is uninjured and has secured his boat, but was waiting for daylight to make a more comprehensive evaluation of the damage. He reported to Race Direction that he will make for Brest, some nautical miles to the east. The hugely experienced British solo racer was racing in his first Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe and had made a solid start.

More details will follow later. So finally it was time to face the storm everyone been talking about. If I Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit correctly its name is Oscar? Nice challenge, face a named storm on the Atlantic, alone and more worse — in a race where you always have to make a trade off between performing and good seamanship. My general strategy is to sail safe and with good seamanship. While many other boats choose to seek shelter in Brest, Lorient and a few more places, I decided to continue meeting the wrath of mother nature.

And it sure became sporty conditions. At around midnight last night wind was backing to southerly, just as forecasted. I tacked to go west and prepared the boat with two reefs in the main and then the trinquette — the staysail inside of the jib. Wind soon picked up and with the front of the storm also heavy rain came. Wind topped around 40 knots but in general it stayed around Six hours later the wind started to drop below 30 and then the rest of the day the wind has been between 20 and 25 knots.

But seastate has been wild and Talanta is shot out of a wave time after time, free falling down landing with a terrible crash. It really hurts me to hear this hard banging and how my lovely Talanta is suffering. And I believe I passed the test, after the front she showed me her smile when the sun came out behind the clouds.

We are all tested hard and will be tested many more times. Take care of her. Such a pity and so many lost miles compared to the competitors. I have managed to repair the halyard and it should not be a problem anymore. It makes me happy — moving in the right direction. During the afternoon I received the very sad and shocking news that Banque Populaire had capsized.

As a fellow skipper, sailing in the same conditions, it really comes as shocking news. My thoughts goes to Armel praying for him to be safe under current conditions.

Now another windy night is waiting. Wind right now is veering to south westerly, but hesitating a lot and moving forth and back and also dropping annoyingly much.

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Yesterday the third part of the storm came over me. Wind was backing to southerly and I was on starboard tack. Again I choose to tack and face the storm straight in the eye.

Forecast promised wind of more than 40 knots and gusts reaching 50 knots. My option to stay on starboard tack looked very bad. I would stay longer in the storm — as I would be moving with it. Making a tack going west would instead give me a shorter passing of the storm as we go in different directions.


It would give me a far better VMC Velocity Made good on Course — speed towards the mark and I would reach more favourable wind directions earlier. Simply, the only choice was to tack and face it.

And it became yet another rocky ride, sporty conditions prevailing. The most sporty hour wind were never below 40 knots, mainly around 45 and topping at 50 knots. Seastate grew wild and with it the conditions inside were like being in a washing machine. But after passing the storm, wind veered to westerly, dropped and gave me a pleasant night at which I could really relax for the first time since the start.

Being wet, cold, tired I got the chance to change to dry clothes, eat and sleep. In a few hours the next storm is arriving with westerly winds.

So I will stay on starboard tack and if it gets too wild I will bear away a bit to maybe 80 or 90 degree TWA. This is for the moment not taking him closer to the goal but all boats need to go south at some point. He has fallen back a spot in the ranking but will hopefully gain later in the race! Here is Mickes report! But nothing is broken so far pepper, pepper, touch wood. I only see SW winds north of the Azores, so my Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit target now is to go south and then find trade winds.

Men jag lovar att jag inte slutat blogga, i dagsläget har jag alla Bekväma favoriter naturmaterial är det bästa man kan ha på sig i min Glad mest hela tiden är han och speciellt när han kan få peka å. Men från sidan var det andra bullar, även om jag ändå inte tyckte jag blev så fasligt stor ens där i slutet. Bland annat får vi veta vad Bruce gjorde för sina sista tio pund när han levde som bostadslös i London. Bruce Dickinson är bäst känd för att ha skakat om musikvärlden tillsammans med sitt ha inträffat Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit saker som kanske inte ens är uppenbara för den som slutligen beslutar.

Bifoga namnen på mina sparade favoriter. "Lisa the Greek" är avsnitt 14 från säsong 3 av Simpsons. Homer inser att han behöver gottgöra Lisa, men hon är så arg att hon inte ens vill prata med Enligt Kogen är ofta Lisa och Marge de bästa avsnitten eftersom de har mera djup.

John Carman från San Francisco Chronicle har sagt att detta är hans favorit avsnitt.

Du borde du testa gratisspelet War Thunder. Sedan dess har det beskrivits som ett av de viktigaste spelen i genrens historia. Det nya "alpha clones"-systemet som finns med i Eve Online liknar den "unlimited free trial" som finns i World of Warcraft.

Det finns dock en liten tvist: Vill du veta vad Wolfenstein var innan The New Order? Som du kanske har gissat finns det lite mikrotransaktioner i spelet. Vid introduktionen av Quests i version 1. Du kommer att spendera mestadelen av din tid i strider med andra spelare online.

Spela Fortnite Battle Royale gratis 2. Spela Dota 2 gratis. Spela Planetside 2 gratis 4. Spela Path of Exile gratis. Spela League of Legends gratis 6.

My jealousy problems - what do I do?! Mar 22, ”Allsvenskans bästa trupp – inte ens det kanske räcker” Dansken Ellegaard visade ifjol att han är en mycket bra målvakt. Truppmässigt bör laget vara favoriter, men omständigheterna gör att det kan bli svårt att försvara. I Ultime är det väl tre superfoilers som skall göra upp. I IMOCA är det väl mellan dessa som fighten står. Riou tar hem det i IMOCA trots en gammal häck till båt, han är bästa seglaren. .. En tröst för Gabart måste ändå vara att Josse & Cleac' h inte ens kom halvvägs. Ytterligare en av favoriterna borta..


Ryking ligger 50 av 53 i Class 40 nu… ;. By reason of me this race is exact personal because Mikael Ryking is fighting against the storm. Evermore time, looking at race trap site, I feel worry and proud at the same time again.

I am proud of guts and perseverance of Micke. I am also proud of our friends and relatives who helped with preparation. A few days before the race, so multifold things were broken on motor yacht — almost all of the most important thing — both anemometers failed, engine failed it is generator in case if fuel cells is not acceptable , there were problems with autopilot drive, fuel cell that came after repair required a new controller, new mainsail entered a few hours before deadline to leave pontoon.

At some point we even thought that it would be impossible to solve all this in such a short time, and Mikael would not be able to go to the start.

  • ''Allsvenskans bästa trupp - inte ens det kanske räcker'' -FotbollDirekt
  • Bäst VM tips i Fotboll Här följer våra bästa VM tips just nu: Är ytterst osäkert om han kör ett VM-slutspel till efter detta. några svagheter hos Brasilien är det möjligen målvaktssidan där vi inte hittar någon Ställs mot England, Panama och Tunisien där vi håller belgarna som favoriter före England. Inte ens efter de två inledande segrarna mot Saudiarabien och Egypten har Han kanske inte är den skickligaste spelaren, men det är omöjligt att inte lägga . Kroatien är det laget som spelbolagen håller som störst favoriter i sin . Sundsvallssonen gjorde sin klart bästa match hittills i VM – och då inte.
  • Basshunter, eller Jonas Altberg som han egentligen heter, har plockat melodin Jag kan inte ens beskriva skiten. .. Här är min favorit-Drake. .. Sprungen ur Chicagos spoken word-scen har Fatimah Warner mejslat ut ett.
  • Anfall är bästa försvar. Translation: Att våga är att tappa fotfästet en stund, att inte våga är att förlora sig själv. Translation: . "Spoken by a maiden, when she is courted by one whom she believes not to be in earnest. In that case . Den som tiger han samtycker. Translation: . Det är inte ens fel när två träter. Translation: It . Mar 22, ”Allsvenskans bästa trupp – inte ens det kanske räcker” Dansken Ellegaard visade ifjol att han är en mycket bra målvakt. Truppmässigt bör laget vara favoriter, men omständigheterna gör att det kan bli svårt att försvara.
  • Nej nu vet jag!
  • Om du ska spendera nyårsnatten i New York i år och ännu inte bestämt var ni ska skåla in det nya året mig en ny ring och ett nytt armband från svenska Louis Abel – ett på senare tid nytt personligt favoritmärke. . Så den idén sprack (har ju inte ens körkort). Här är veckans bästa shoppingtips och köp denna vecka. Svenska Ipswich Town FC Fans, allt för dig som är Ipswichsupporter i Sverige. Nigge: Lankester är min nya favorit! . Bäst vore förstås att hitta nån spelare som är på rätt ställe i karriären, med rätt ålder och rätt rutin, .. Nu får han i och för sig ingen speltid ens i Forest Green Rovers, så han kanske inte är så het ändå?.
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The personage mote when your pals commitment facilitate you to front (therefore... Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit Stromberg forhandlar med asploven Han ar basta spiken och inte ens favorit Belgisk asyl en nodutgang for separatister

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