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We asked founder Laura Lilja a few questions about their recent funding round and merge with Global Models Inc. The idea of YouModels came back in when one of our founders needed to book a model for a campaign. The model industry is very fragmented and competitive, and agencies are in generally very small, with no money to invest in marketing or tech.

There is no centralized booking solution for professional models and the industry itself is very old-fashioned, but it recognizes that there needs to be a shift to digital. Global Models inc is a scouting platform for models. The Global Models inc website and business idea was very similar to YouModels, both wanted to digitalize model industry, whereas Global Models inc was focusing on freelance models and YouModels only professional models.

Through this merge we can cover an even bigger part of the model industry, all the way from scouting to bookings of both commercial and Jag kanner starkt for att atervanda models.

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YouModels on the other hand is contributing with our strong business side and technical team. Global Models inc already has a steady revenue flow and around 11, members. We recently changed the company "Jag kanner starkt for att atervanda" and now have an umbrella brand, Global Models Group, for the two platforms. We are also doing conversion analyses for a few different e-commerce companies that have managed to increase their revenues through optimized model selection.

One model sells the clothes much better than the other. E-commerce companies recognize that this is a fact but have yet to analyse; Why? What attributes makes one model sell better e. We can do a data analyses based on their website data, find certain patterns and identify the model attributes that are affecting the click-through-rate and conversion positively.

SUP46 has an extensive network both within investors and other companies. It is also a great meeting point with inspiring individuals and companies, and that gives us positive energy. You really need to be excellent in sales! See what SUP46 meant for some of our now alumni members three years ago. They are big on the US market and they have over 2,2 million users. Natural Cycles app was recently granted medical approval to be used as contraceptive in the EU and they have over Jag kanner starkt for att atervanda.

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Unomaly has customers in 11 countries. They are backed by leading investors, including EQT Ventures. Safello was founded in to bring greater compliance and security to the bitcoin industry. They have since attracted ten thousand customers and supports 32 countries.

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FundedByMe is a crowd investment platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs through reward-based and equity crowdfunding. They have since their start helped funding companies from countries. Peppy Pals is a gaming app that teaches kids all about emotional intelligence.

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It has been downloaded in more than countries worldwide. With Instabridge you get more than a million up-to-date WiFi passwords and spots on your phone. Christmas is coming which means a stressful time for many people!

Deadlines at work, Christmas parties, finding the perfect Christmas gift, children running around cooking and what to wear?!? SUP46 has listed a few gifts from our member companies that can Jag kanner starkt for att atervanda you the coming days!

With a wide variety of options to suit all levels and types of meditators, The Mindfulness App is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve mental health and overall wellbeing. Download the app today and start your free month trial. The SUP46 member Mobilimeet puts an end to all your meeting frustration and lets you have collaborative and engaging meetings every time. With Mobilimeet you and your team can collaborate on any device before as well as during meetings, and follow-up of actions and to-dos are as easy as pie.

Still a bit stressed about work?

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Attach tells you what happens to your documents after you hit send. Sales and marketing teams use Attach to track, manage and control sales collateral like pitch decks, proposals, and other high-value documents.

SUP46 member Gastrofy will help you out! Finally — safety first! Take a look here. Startup Team of the Year: Startup Launch of the Year: The Swedish Startup Gala will take place November You can request an invite to the gala below: Merry Christmas from SUP46!

The nominated companies in the two new categories are: För en dryg vecka sedan var den internationella matmarknaden på besök i Gislaved. Utanför kommunhuset vällde matbilarna in och det fanns. Jag är otroligt glad över att "Jag kanner starkt for att atervanda" till startupvärlden, det är här mitt saker jag brinner starkt för så jag känner mig redan hemma på SUP Går skilda vägar – nu kan anfallaren återvända till Sverige.

Publicerat 18 juni, Det känner både jag och klubben, säger Linus Olsson till tidningen. Olsson berättar att han är Vi är starka.

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Folk ska se upp, säger.

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