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Way out west tillbaka nasta ar


Sedan debuten har de hunnit …. Ji Nilsson och Janice har …. Hon debuterade med …. Ett resultat av …. Radar has had the …. Describing electronic music to ….

Punken beskrivs som …. In she posted her debut single on Soundcloud, and since …. Then add being extremely …. The Gothenburg based artist released their dreamy, electronic, dance pop debut …. We had a quick chat with the singer about the upcoming gig at Way Out West, and more.

We caught up with the duo right before their gig at Skansen in Stockholm. Mapei told us more about the road trip-turned-reality show-turned-music video. We had a quick talk with the singer about her gig, the upcoming album — and the fact that she's a real badkruka. We caught up with two of the acts performing at Yard this Saturday. We took Nonno Drougge out for a walk to talk about the new music and her newfound, laid back attitude to her artistry. We had a quick chat Way out west tillbaka nasta ar hear what more she has to say about it.

Little Children, just released a new song from his upcoming EP. We met up with the musician, trained therapist and Way out west tillbaka nasta ar time bartender to talk about self-awareness, crazy popular fan videos and not being able to write happy songs.

We touched base with the band members Tuva and Nelly to hear more. She released her debut single Refugee in September and a lot has happened since then. Radar met with her to talk about the new single, inspiration and living in a world full of errors.

We had the chance to say congrats, and ask him some questions about it. She started out as Miss Relli in when she released her hit single Lovies. Today Dey is also a part of Femtastic and terms her sound as Afro Pop, a combination of dancehall, reggae, hip hop and afro beats. Radar had a chat with her abut feminism, change and the new album. Radar had a chat with him about Way out west tillbaka nasta ar in Swedish, the word Jetski and plans for the future.

Radar met up with a third of the trio to talk about the debut album, the sound of escalators and the band's quite original instrument choices like chimes, kalimba, harmonium and flugelhorn. She told Radar about battling her Way out west tillbaka nasta ar demons, being compared to Rosh and what's next to come.

Radar caught up with …. From playing in a band to going solo Vero has captured her audience and is more than ready to move on to bigger and better things. She told Radar about the new single, Enrique Iglesias and almost having a nip slip.

Radar met up with her on her 21st birthday to talk about the Grammys and how to handle stress. Radar had a quick chat with the singer. But Call Me rediscovered her joy of music, found herself a producer and a melancholic, dramatic indie sound — which has all led to her debut album. He recently won Hip Hop of the year at Manifestgalan and is nominated in four different categories at Kingsizegalan the 27th of February.

Radar rang up the Norwegian singer to ask her some questions before the gig. Radar had a chat with frontman Olly Alexander. That's the recipe for Systraskap's music.

Peppen är alltså på topp...

Radar had a chat with the duo about their upcoming full-length debut. Radar rang up singer Jonas Svennem to talk about the new emotion packed release, blinding scanners and choosing song themes. Radar met up with the band to both laugh about their obsession with animals — and be quite serious about the state of the Swedish music scene. Sedan debuten har de hunnit … 2 Dec.

Way Out West är en...

I fredags … 5 Jun. Ji Nilsson och Janice har … 9 May. Hon debuterade med … 10 Apr. Ett resultat av … 23 Mar. Radar has had the … 14 Mar. Describing electronic music to … 9 Feb. Punken beskrivs som … 8 Dec Trots … 1 Jun Radar had … 19 Dec In she posted her debut single on Soundcloud, and since … 5 Dec Then add being extremely … 8 Oct The Gothenburg based artist released their Way out west tillbaka nasta ar, electronic, dance pop debut … 28 Sep Radar caught up with … 19 Mar Subgenreprogrammet H∆SHTAG$ är tillbaka med ny säsong I helgen regnade Way Out West bort i Göteborg, och vi var där för fjärde året i rad.

Det var med. Han längtar till teatern även om det är mindre läskigt. Det märks att han är omsusad när vi träffas i en hotellobby under Way out West.

med en teaterregissör för ett halvår sedan, men det blir nog på Broadway nästa gång.

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Peppen är alltså på topp inför Pascals spelning på Stay out west nu på fredag! Nästa vecka är det dags för trion Fire! Inför Way Out West pratar vi mat med några av banden som spelar, först ut är Malmös finest, Arre!

Arre! ARRE! Det var hur lattjo som helst, han kastade ut sina cigg och ville sedan ha tillbaka en själv.