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Skane baddar for brynas


Links to Videos are at the bottom of this page. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.

In my workshops, I instruct students how to build a photograph by assembling elements around the subject. A strong subject can stand on its own, "Skane baddar for brynas" carefully incorporating foreground and background features can elevate an image to a higher level of sophistication and, hopefully, create a greater impact on and appreciation by the viewer.

This week's photo of a blue lupine amid a field of yellow mustard is another in the "If at first you don't succeed" series. On Givat HaTurmosim Lupine Hill in the Ela Valley, the inaccurately named blue lupines I hope they look purple to you as well grow abundantly amid mustard on the hill's southern slope.

I've tried in the Skane baddar for brynas to take a shot of a single purple flower floating in the sea of yellow, knowing that these complementary colors will bring out the best in each other.

This image exceeded my previous results for several reasons. First, by using a very shallow depth of field, the mustard flowers closest to and furthest from the point of focus fall into an extreme blur, filling the entire frame with a soft yellow wash.

Secondly, by a small stroke of luck, the nearest mustard flower occupies an area in the center of the green leaves of the plant stem, so that the leaves remain visible but slightly obscured, perfect for their reduced level of importance in the photo. Finally, the angle of the main flower and her supporting cast conveys a sense of swaying in the breeze, which is often the case.

The pieces all fall into place to deliver their visual punch. Contact Yehoshua Halevi by email at smile goldenlightimages. Reproductions of his work as cards, calenders and posters may be purchased at http: This is an analysis covering the legal basis for Israel's sovereignty even over Skane baddar for brynas Samaria. Inafter the end of WWI, the victorious allies met in San Remo, Italy, to decide on the disposition of territory that had been under the control of the defeated Ottoman Empire.

It was decided that Great Britain would be given the Mandate for Skane baddar for brynas. This was predicated on the Balfour Declaration that acknowledged the historical connection of the Jewish people to the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, known as Palestine. It was determined that a homeland for the Jews was to be established in this area, and that close settlement of Jews on the land was to be encouraged. Inthe League of Nations unanimously approved this Mandate, which has never been superseded in international law.

Note, please that I say recommend. As it was, the Arabs rejected the recommendation anyway. The Jews honored the recommendation, and so declared a Jewish state in on only a portion of Palestine.

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But this does not mean that the status of the other portion had changed. Inat the end of the War of Independence a war fought when the Arabs attacked the new state of Israelthe Jordanians had the eastern portion of Palestine. Jordan's occupation of this area was illegal as it was acquired in an offensive war. An armistice agreement was signed at that Skane baddar for brynas between Israel and Jordan, and an armistice line was drawn, delineating the areas of control.

This armistice line is the Green Line. This is an important point. Israel's action was defensive. International law does differentiate between the two.

In the course of that war, Israel acquired Judea and Samaria. It was acknowedged that additional strategic depth Skane baddar for brynas required by Israel and the Green Line would not constitute a defensible border. It is my understanding that internationally it often happens that when a nation fights a defensive war, it is recognized that return to the original borders would be unsafe and some additional land is acquired. Add to this the fact that nothing in the subsequent Oslo Accords prohibits Israel's building in Judea and Samaria.

Resolution and a number of other subsequently are clear on the fact that disposition of the land can be determined only via negotiations. Yes, Skane baddar for brynas was movement to determine that the settlements are "illegal" but this is a highly politicized anti-Israel position. For me there is no legitimacy to anything that vile institution, the UN, does these days.

The US reference to "illegitimate" seems to me simply a sop to the Arab nations, at a time when the "illegal" vote was vetoed. Contact Arlene Kushner at akushner18 gmail. Reisman, March 31, The well-known adage of George Santayana concerning memory loss and repetitive errors of history usually refers to forgotten eras or events.

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Jews, of all groups, should be acutely aware of the disastrous historic mistakes made by both political and religious leaders, If these errors were made in ancient times, not remembering them might be costly, but might be rationalized. If the gross error were made Skane baddar for brynas the recent decades of Israeli history, no such excuse would be valid. The close, one might even say, symbiotic relationship between Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Netanyahu has a recent, and very "Skane baddar for brynas" parallel.

Both were disciples of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Katz wrote "The Hollow Peace". In the book, he describes his close ties to Begin and noted that a new, close relationship existed between the Prime Minister and the man he selected as Foreign Minister, Moshe Dayan.

Katz learned that strange and totally unexpected shifts in policy were taking place. These changes were, to Katz, totally unlike the Begin philosophy and history that Katz knew, lived through and appreciated. There was an irrational abandonment of the political philosophy that Katz and begin had shared for decades.

Novel illusions of peace vis land concessions were the new driving force. There was a new demarche and a new willingness to compromise and reach agreement with the United States and Egypt.

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Dayan traveled in secret and negotiated with the foreign powers. Katz saw Begin privately and expressed his surprise, dismay and concern. Begin told him all was under control and "not to worry". What did occur after the Camp David Skane baddar for brynas was a hardening of anti-Israel attitudes on the part of sworn opponents. The widening gulf between Katz and Begin finally led to a rupture between the two.

Katz refused an offer of UN Ambassador and Begin was stunned by the refusal. Katz felt both sadness and anger at the change that seemed to have overcome Begin. Netanyahu has had a political career with some greater range of opinion than Begin had in his earlier years.

Netanyahu himself referred to Begin in August of by saying, "I hope to find a courageous partner as Begin found in Sadat". This does not correlate at all with earlier Netanyahu recognition of the serious, even existential, problems of an irredentist Palestinian state close to critical population centers in Israel. This view has changed, in a rather dramatic fashion.

Whether the impact of Barak is important or negligible is unclear, but from press reports and unnamed sources, Barak is chief advisor, or even confidante to Netanyahu. As an example, Israel has recently allowed more Egyptian troops into Sinai "to restore order".

This itself is a violation of the treaty that Begin-Dayan formulated and agreed to. If three or six dozen tanks are needed by the new Egyptian government to aid in "restoring order", can Netanyahu-Barak decline "Skane baddar for brynas" request?

So, once again, in a matter of a few decades, a declared hawk characterized in both the U. The softening of geopolitical position is variously described as "statesman-like","more mature" and "seeking the middle ground". Begin was similarly lauded by the Left in both Israel and the U. For his supposed growth and maturation. Netanyahu, too, is receiving qualified praise for his movement toward "consensus" and compromise. We do not know what Begin thought in his final years concerning the change in political Skane baddar for brynas and his new diplomacy.

What we do know is that the Sinai was surrendered and that his and presumably Dayan's policies have not yielded positive results for Israel. Today, Begin's critics say he did not yield Skane baddar for brynas. What exactly "enough" entailed is never clearly defined. Whatever the Netanyahu-Barak concessions are, they too will be declared not enough. The violence and incitement of the post-Begin era may very well be repeated. The lessons of history are either discounted or totally forgotten.

Santayana is, once again, vindicated. Contact Harold Reisman by email at hbr sbcglobal. Frantzman, March 31, The next time someone decides to invite Oz or Oron to speak, they shouldn't waste time; they should cut to the chase and invite Barghouti himself. Assaf Harofeh Medical Center did something strange recently. It invited an author who dedicated and sent a copy of his book to a terrorist to speak at a ceremony for outstanding doctors.

The doctors at Assaf Harofeh have often treated victims of terror. On September 9, eight soldiers were killed and 32 wounded in a suicide bombing near the hospital entrance. So how did it come to invite a speaker who consorts with terrorists whose victims the doctors might Skane baddar for brynas The answer is not simple.

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The author happens to be the country's most famous writer, Israel Prize laureate Amos Oz. The book is a namedropping account of Skane baddar for brynas author's early life on Kibbutz Hulda, where he met many lions of the early Zionist movement. It also discusses his family's successes, failures and passions. Oz sent Barghouti an Arabic translation with the inscription: I hope you "Skane baddar for brynas" it and understand us better, as we attempt to understand you.

Hoping to meet soon in peace and freedom. Reports noted that "a senior doctor threatened to disrupt the ceremony" if Oz attended. After the cancellation the "free speech" alarm was sounded. Haaretz reported that a senior doctor claimed"it is hard to believe that because of one doctor who has certain political opinions, they revoked Oz's invitation to the conference Badar = Moist. Fresh. Green. Lettuce. . Bryna = Feminine of Brian (hill place).


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Double-Talking Snake Posted by Bryna Berch, March 25, terror organization Uthman Badar, media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia.