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Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike


Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike is definitely not the nicest language to speak about people. Mr Southgate was asked by whom actually? Mr Southgate points to the two investigations that have taken place. I understand all of the speculation around it. Whenever I met him, he was a nice chap. What does the whole case say about working relations in Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike UK and even worse, is there a race relation connection? Anita has been regular in the starting XI of the club since she started playing for them in Everything started slowly getting public when the FA made an anonymous inquiry about the culture in their national teams.

Eniola Aluko was "Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike" of the players Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike to answer to Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike inquiry. It must be lioness behaviour. What constitutes that way of life? She should know, I hoped. I find it quite baffling and hard to understand what that is, because throughout my ten years with the national team not once that I heard such a statement ever.

There has never been some sort of protocol as such or a pamphlet about what exactly a lioness is and what that requirement is.

I remember thinking a lot about what exactly does that mean and what do you consider a good person to be. And how much does that matter when it comes into the context of football. Of course it is subjective and of course it depends on what time people spend with which people to actually get to know them and know their personalities.

Maybe there should be some kind of code of behavior because everybody in and around a national team is being watched from the outside. Those are, I would say, the values I am aware of that most national team players should also be aware of.

When Mr Comey claimed that he would be loyal to a point following the laws of the country and not more than that, he was fired.

The common thing here is the demand of loyalty as a prerequisite of being allowed to serve under somebody. If you criticize the person in question, may it be justified or not, you break the rules and you become a bad egg, a bad person and you are out. I asked Anita Asante about her view of loyalty and she has a very healthy attitude towards it: It is part of a professional job that you are loyal to your employer, your Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike and your colleagues.

It means to be respectful to each and everyone. But if loyalty means that you have to accept any kind of behavior, if that is the case, then I think that it goes way too far.

There have been two investigations in the case. The first one was done internally by the FA and it cleared Mark Sampson of all allegations. In the second investigation, the FA paid an independent law firm, Old Square Council from Bristol to once again go through the material. They had chosen a young, black woman to investigate the accusations of a young black player against a younger white male coach.

Both investigations have apparently not talked to all available witnesses. Eniola Aluko stated in her report:. MS then addressed the player individually and said in relation to being cautioned by police: The player is of mixed race and she has repeatedly being asked Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike not be mentioned by name although it takes not more than Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike minutes to find out who she is.

Neither the FA nor Ms Newton have spoken to the player. Mr Sampson denies that strongly. We have Anita Asante who plays for the third best football club in Europe in the starting XI, but has not been called for years. Ms Asante has reported that she was told that she would not be nominated for the world cup one month before everybody else should be notified by Mr Sampson. What constitutes the character of a lioness? The England squad against Portugal in Tilburg this summer.

I can nothing but agree here. There was a second, independent investigation. However, it seems questionable what the premises were for that investigation. In the end, the barrister and her firm got paid by the FA and it seems that Ms Newton did not have all the facts to go after since she apparently did not talk to the mixed race player and left out other details as well.

In the public, Eniola Aluko has mostly received support. Life rolls on, regardless I thank God everyday for the closed doors that have led to greater experiences. Only a few public reactions are negative. The facts, concludes Mr Syed, come from the investigations and they have proven Mr Sampson to be completely innocent. Nevertheless, what stunned me at an early point was that we have at least four black players involved in all this who all have reported about injustice towards them.

Has this anything to do with race? Eniola Aluko herself has spoken about that: The minute you are brave enough to talk about race, you are in a difficult situation.

That in itself is discrimination: She has a point and I cannot but wonder that Matthew Syed feels so compassionate about Mark Sampson maybe losing his career and feeling more or less not anything for Eniola Aluko already having lost hers. The powerful people inside the "Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike" did not stop by just kicking Aluko out of the national team. They even went after her job as a lawyer in an agency.

Five years, she had been able to work and use her skills as Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike lawyer, before the FA finally told her that she could not do this anymore. I lost that job. I had to give it up, which hurt me a lot. If anything, the FA had celebrated it.

The FA engages like all other football federations around the world openly against racism, homophobia and tries to tell young boys and girls that it does not matter what color their skin is, it does not matter if they love boys or girls, it does not matter what God they pray to, football will give them an environment where everyone is accepted just the way they are.

What do young girls and boys make of what happened to Eniola Aluko? What do they learn when they realize that speaking up against a powerful organization can lead to you getting kicked out yourself.

I want to speak with her about racism. If white men make remarks that they might say are harmless banter free of any kind of racist content, they should be aware that their banter on the receiving side might harm and hurt. Especially when in a leading position this always comes with responsibility of acting more reasonable, more respectful, more aware of the harm that words can cause.

People make mistakes and sometime unintentionally. Today, in the crisis we live in we have many people fleeing from Syria or via Libya to Europe, there is a negative trend in the perception of those people, a clear lack of empathy. The trend we have noticed on social media in many countries is that many people write hateful comments and both racial and homophobic remarks openly with their full names.

The times when people only dared to whisper anonymously about their hate against others are over in the age of the internet. That surely changes the way we communicate with each other. What happens around us will also effect the game with the ball and the relationships of Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike people involved in it. A discussion about statues and other symbols of the Confederation has emerged. Lee in the United States while we as Brits have statues that represent imperialism.

We also have to adress our own history. The Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike is bidding for the tournament and will probably be competing with Denmark. In a competition like that, they are not interested in having a scandal about a team manager that has to be investigated and maybe even removed from his post if finding out, Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike the Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike were true.

Nevertheless, the case has already reached media in other countries and both Swedish and German newspapers have reported about it. There should be a third and final investigation into the allegations that have been made.

Even the member of the staff who thinks it is funny to speak in a fake Caribbean accent to black players raised in London, England should be heard. Even for those players who still are members of the English WNT, this case sends clear signals. Never speak up, keep quiet, because if you do raise your voice and present your opinion, you can very quickly end up on the outside. The point has been made.

And finally, I come back to the beginning when Anita Asante and I spoke about how a lioness should behave and what good people Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike. I have med Eniola Aluko twice over the years and had the opportunity to talk to her and I had a few more chats with Anita Asante.

Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike

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Both players are not only good in what they do on the pitch, they are also intelligent, open minded women who are able to articulate and who would not remain silent when injustice occurs and questions could be asked. And it comes to me that this can also be about women speaking up, about women to having to accept their place in the pride like a lioness. But the remarks about Ebola word against word, I knowthe Caribbean accent, the 50th cap and the question about how many times someone has been arrested point even in a direction that painfully shows that you can always think that your banter is tough but funny if you are white, male Welshman, but that it can be perceived hurtful and racist on the other side.

In order to avoid that once and for all, skip it if you do not want to Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike seen in "Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike" environment.

However, that we have not come so far as to skip that kind of talk shows that we have a long way to go. Mr Sampson basically declares that he had no knowledge of the anonymous survey. His reasons for not nominating Eniola Aluko have nothing do with that. He would sit down and talk to Eni Aluko and the door to the national team for her is not closed forever. Sampson has never said anything about Ebola to Aluko.

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When asked why she should invent that he says: His only intention is to support the players and make them feel comfident. He says something interesting then:.

It is remarkable that the interviews countering the allegations are being put on a media outlet that generates only a few views, the questions being asked are very mild and that neither Mr Sampson Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike Ms Taylor get any tougher questions. I would like to ask Jodie Taylor how she as a white woman can sit and say that she has never experienced racism and I would like to ask Mr Sampson if he considers Eniola Aluko, Lianne Sanderson, the not named mixed race player liars and why he Laguppstallningar danmark frankrike decided not to cap them anymore.

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