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Ishockey elitserien 2003 10 13


The —13 Elitserien season was the 38th season of Elitserien. The regular season began on 13 September and ended on 5 March It Ishockey elitserien 2003 10 13 the team's second Swedish Championship in club history.

Short-term contracts and the possibility of signing players affected by the —13 NHL lockout was a controversial issue for several months. The board of hockey operations for Elitserien Hockeyligan decided to continue rejecting short-term contracts i. For the fourth consecutive season, an outdoor game was played. The average attendance in Elitserien fell by HockeyAllsvenskan, on the other hand, improved its attendance average this season from 2, to 3, spectators per game, an improvement of Updated as of the end of the regular season.

In the first round, the highest remaining seed chose which of the four lowest remaining seeds to be matched against. In the second round, the highest remaining seed is matched against the lowest remaining seed.

In each round the higher-seeded team is awarded home ice advantage. Each best-of-seven series follows an alternating home team format: Linus Persson 's game-deciding goal in Game 4, 12 seconds into overtimeis a new record for the fastest overtime goal scored in Elitserien playoff history.

The Finals became a matchup between the league's two northernmost teams: Updated as of the end of the playoffs.

The table is sorted by GAA, and the criteria for inclusion are bolded. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 11 July Archived from the original PDF on Svenska Hockeyligan in Swedish. Archived from the original on International Ice Hockey Federation. Archived from the original on March 18, Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

Retrieved from " https: CS1 Swedish-language sources sv Commons category link is on Ishockey elitserien 2003 10 13. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. - SHL på nätet....

Holloway, Bud Bud Holloway. Little, Broc Broc Little. Krog, Jason Jason Krog. Hjalmarsson, Simon Simon Hjalmarsson. Lindberg, Oscar Oscar Lindberg.


Lee, Chris Chris Lee. Eriksson, Joacim Joacim Eriksson. Gustafsson, Johan Johan Gustafsson. Engstrand, Christian Christian Engstrand. Wesslau, Gustaf Gustaf Wesslau. Svensson, Markus Markus Svensson.

Swedish Hockey League (SHL) -...

Starkbaum, Bernhard Bernhard Starkbaum. Norrena, Fredrik Fredrik Norrena. Pairings are re-seeded after the first round. Petter Emanuelsson 1 - pp - Ryan Gunderson 1 - 7: Erik Forssell 3 - 9: Chris Lee 1 - pp - 7: Mattias Ritola 1 - 9: Rickard Wallin 1 - 5: Chris Lee 4 - 2: Mattias Ritola 2 - 1: Marcel Mueller 2 - pp - 9: Ladislav Nagy 1 - 5: Rickard Wallin 2 - 0: Sami Sandell 1 - 0: Linus Persson 1 - 2: Joonas Vihko 1 en - Magnus Kahnberg 1 - pp - Karl Fabricius 1 - pp - Linus Klasen 2 - pp - 5: Magnus Kahnberg 2 - pp - Joel Lundqvist 3 - 0: Ishockey elitserien 2003 10 13 Olimb 1 - Peter Cehlarik 1 - Linus Persson 2 - Jari Tolsa 1 - pp - 9: Mats Trygg 1 - 2: Rhett Rakhshani 1 - 2: Mats Trygg 2 - Sebastian Karlsson 1 - sh - Magnus Johansson 1 - 3: Daniel Grillfors 1 - en - Jesper Fasth 1 - 2: David Petrasek 1 - 4: Robin Figren 3 - Johannes Salmonsson 1 - sh - 7: Lee Goren 2 - Simon Hjalmarsson 2 - 2: Patrik Carlsson 3 - 6: Viktor Arvidsson 4 - 4: Petter Emanuelsson 3 - 9: Oscar Lindberg 3 - 3: Simon Hjalmarsson 4 - 0: Petter Emanuelsson 5 - Chris Lee 6 - 7: Cam Abbott 1 - Joonas Vihko 2 - pp - 1: Anders Bastiansen 3 - Mikael Johansson 2 - 1: Karl Fabricius 2 - 1: Linus Persson 5 - 0: Magnus Nygren 1 - pp - 8: Bud Holloway 4 - 8: Linus Persson 7 - 2: Linus Persson 8 - Persson, Linus Linus Persson.

Klasen, Linus Linus Klasen. Swedish Ice Hockey Association. "–14 SHL regular season schedule" ( PDF). Archived from the original on / 1 (vann kvalserien). Tabellplaceringar i Elitserien/SHL. / 9:a i grundserien på 77 poäng / a i grundserien på 64 poäng / 3:a i. Svenska Ishockeyförbundet Logotyp Kval till Elitserien Ishockey elitserien 2003 10 13 · · · · · · · ·

  • Sedan kom revanschen mot Leksands IF.
  • Kvalserien till Elitserien i ishockey / – Wikipedia
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  • The regular season began on 14 September and ended on 8 March

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2019–03 Elitserien season

Svenska Hockeyligan in Swedish. Magnus Kahnberg 1 - pp - Hjalmarsson, Simon Simon Hjalmarsson. Sebastian Karlsson 1 - sh - For the fourth consecutive season, an outdoor game was played.

Hockeyallsvenskan 2019/2019

Växjö Lakers HC

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Gunderson, Ryan Ryan Gunderson. Viktor Fasth G 18 1. Linus Persson 8 - This page was last edited on 13 September , at Linus Persson 5 - 0: David Printz D 38 yrs 3.

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  • –13 Elitserien season - Wikipedia
  • Svenska Ishockeyförbundet Logotyp Kval till Elitserien · · · · · · · · · /...
  • - SHL på nätet. Idag står det klart att...

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Have I became his mum? March 12, Färjestad BK, 4–2, Modo Hockey, Löfbergs Lila Arena · Recap, show. Per Åslund 1 - , First. - SHL på nätet. Idag står det klart att Örebro Hockey lånar in Oscar Fröberg till lördagens match mot Malmö. Bildbyrån. Nyhet. .

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Ishockey elitserien 2003 10 13

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