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Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad


Unionens valuta ska vara euron. Click through this guide to find out more about the EU's institutions. PM Nilsson, ledare Dagens Industri, 1 maj Germany's parliamentary democracy is under threat from the European Union which is slowly taking away all the national parliament's powers Roman Herzog, the country's ex-president, has said in Welt am Sonntag.

That means getting a new text ready by the end of Everyone knows that the text rejected by France and the Netherlands is dead. Everyone also knows that whatever replaces it will have to await the French presidential election in the Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad and Tony Blair's handover of power in Britain presumably in early summer.

The Laeken declaration ofReinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad began the drafting process, laid down three aims for the drafters: So far, constitution-builders have paid mainly lip service to the first two and focused instead on the third. Kommentar av Rolf Englund: The Nature of the Enlarged European Union. Sceptics and enthusiasts for the European Union are united in one thing: The Europhobes want to boil the union down to a free-trade zone.

The Europhiles want it to turn into a federal state. But Jan Zielonka, an Oxford-based political scientist, thinks this is a false choice. His new book suggests that Europe should adopt a "neo-medieval" way of looking at itself.

Örnen landar platt

Germany takes over the rotating presidency of the EU on Jan 1 and the chancellor, Angela Merkel, has pledged to use Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad to resurrect the constitution, which has been in the deep freeze since last year's No votes in Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad and Holland. However, Mrs Merkel has conceded that the treaty will have to lose the name "constitution", to avoid frightening voters.

Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, recently referred to the constitution as a "grandiose" project that "failed to come off," while only this week the Home Secretary, John Reid, said the constitution was a "dead, deceased parrot" that was "no more".

Added by webmaster Rolf Englund: The Dead Parrot sketch, alternatively and originally known as Pet Shop sketch or Parrot Sketch, is a popular sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus, one of the most famous in the history of television comedy. Germany's envoy to the European Union, Wilhelm Schoenfelder, said the EU has until Decemberto resolve the issue if the charter is to take effect by mid as planned. EU diplomats see no chance of a breakthrough "Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad" after the two-round French presidential elections, due to conclude next May.

If a new charter is to take effect inSchoenfelder said, EU governments must know by the end of the outline of a new charter as ratification is bound to take at least a year.

Germany's plans to put the EU constitution back on track early next year have been dealt a blow by the country's constitutional court in Karlsruhe. Mr Sarkozy's "mini treaty" would include key provisions of Part I of the constitution such as member states' voting weights provisions and plans to create an EU foreign minister, on which there is a "large consensus.

But simply skipping Part III of the constitution is seen by experts as problematic, as this chapter also includes a list of policies where the constitution proposes to improve decision-making in the EU by lifting the national veto. Governments almost everywhere have lost their nerve over future enlargement of the Union. The western Balkans can go hang; Turkey likewise. One Country - One President In Mr Sarkozy's vision, the commission president would himself be elected by the European Parliament - which would provide him with a democratic mandate.

Mr Sarkozy stated that the principle of national capitals appointing commissioners "does not guarantee neither the efficiency nor the legitimacy" of the EU executive. Once elected, the commission chief could then pick his or her own commissioners, which would enable the body to "function like a real team around its president. In a landmark speech mapping out his vision for Europe, Mr Sarkozy called on European leaders to agree a "mini-treaty" that would salvage the urgently required institutional reforms laid out in the original draft constitution.

Such a mini-treaty, the French interior minister stressed, would require only parliamentary ratification, but no referendum.

Vi är dock otroligt nöjda...

However, by avoiding a second referendum, Mr Sarkozy would significantly raise the chances of a new deal succeeding. Beyond the adoption of a mini-treaty, Mr Sarkozy urged a more flexible Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad to decision-making in the EU, warning that the current regime requiring unanimity on many policies, including efforts to harmonise corporate taxation, was unworkable.

Englund blog 20 mars Jag har haft och har den uppfattningen. Indifference from those accustomed to managing the flow of information from politicians to voters failed to stop the speech from attracting more than a million internet viewings within a week The Economist print April 2nd The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government youtube. EU in reality only has one policy and that is political integration.

And, in seeking to achieve this, it has become past master at exploiting situations of concern, in this particular case concern about terrorism. The fact is that what Hannan has written cannot be said too often — especially for our American friends, some of whom still labour under the impression that the EU has some purpose other than integration for the sake of it.

The European Union is a solution in search of a problem. Whatever the question, the answer is invariably "more Europe". We need to be able to deploy an EU army. A breakdown in the World Trade Organisation talks? Let's have a more integrated European economy. People voted against the constitution? They obviously thought it didn't go far enough. It would be unfair to demand that the federalists simply abandon their ideal of political union in Europe.

We are all entitled to our dreams. But they should recognise that in the current political situation they lack both the power and the legitimacy to press on with "the project". He joined the FT after Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad year career at The Economist.

If there is one thing that the French and Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad referendums demonstrated, it is that local politicians are spectacularly bad judges of what sways their voters. It is already clear that when the Germans take over the EU presidency in January they will use their position to relaunch the constitutional debate.

They do not regard the rejection of the document by voters as in any way definitive — merely grossly inconvenient. It is true that 15 countries have ratified the constitution. But only two, Spain and Luxembourg, have done so after a popular vote — and Luxembourg, with less than 0.

The eight EU members that have so far failed to pronounce on the constitution are not simply being absent-minded. Countries such as Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic know that under current political circumstances they cannot win the domestic political argument for the EU constitution. EU leaders have set as a target for making changes to the EU rule book, which are needed for further expansion. He added that it was possible for Turkey to join the EU, but it would be very difficult.

The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, to call it by its proper official name, is not just another EU treaty. Legally, constitutionally and politically this new European Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad would be quite different from the existing EU. A young State and a new one, a weak State perhaps, but a State nonetheless, with virtually all the essential features of a State, in which the existing Member States are reduced to the constitutional status of regions or provinces.

Simultaneously the EU Constitution becomes the fundamental source of legal authority within Europe, supplanting the Constitutions of the Member States as the ultimate source of legal power. The EU Constitution becomes part of our Constitution and will not be amendable except with the consent of other countries.

Vi känner kronprinsessan som en...

It appears the EU is fulfilling its mission as it expands eastward and accepts new countries devastated in the past century by war, genocide, and authoritarian regimes. But recent events have caused many to claim the EU is in a state of emergency. What to do with the failed Constitutional Treaty? That the old Constitutional Treaty is dead is obvious to everyone although officially acknowledged by few. First there will be some sort of political declaration at a special summit in Berlin on March 25 in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

Then it will be for the meeting of the European Council in June to start to take decisions on how to proceed. This will be under the German presidency, and after the French elections. In the second half ofthat happens to be under a French presidency one can forsee a mini-convention starting in the later part of and winding up by the summer of This will then produce a rather slimmed down document that might be called something like Treaty of Institutional Reform.

The C-word will be gone. And it will be given a more proper designation. Institutional reform is what it is really all about. In substance, I would expect it to differ little from these parts of the much larger Constitutional Treaty.

This treaty will then go for ratification during A smart idea Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad be to treat the elections to the European Parliament in June of that year as a de facto referendum on it. Voters could vote for candidates supporting the treaty or for "Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad" opposing it. The "Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad" conclusion from the two noes: Nobody agrees about the reasons the French and Dutch said no. What seems certain is that the naysayers were not rejecting the EU constitution as such Rather they were showing dissatisfaction with the European project in a wider sense.

Yet a moment's consideration shows that dreams of proceeding with the constitution are utterly unrealistic. Besides, six countries—Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic—have made clear that, after the French and Dutch votes, they have no plans to ratify the constitution. Most of these had promised referendums. One year after the French non and the Dutch nee, Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad is time to bury the EU constitution Underlying those objections was a belief that the European project has been carried forward by an elite that has paid little heed to the views of ordinary people.

There is no reason to believe that voters' objections have disappeared—if anything, the EU is less popular today than it was a year ago. A better course would be for Europe's leaders to forget the constitution and concentrate on their much bigger worries.

Top of the list must be improving their sclerotic economies, best done through a serious programme of liberalisation and deregulation. Linked to this should be the preservation of the single European market and its competition rules, which are under attack from economic nationalists.

Jag har därför inspirerats av...

En liknande metod funderar nu EU: Riksdagen debatterar lagen i morgon. Sedan har det varit tyst om EU i svensk politisk debatt. Jag har därför inspirerats av hur Fredrik Reinfeldt lyckades vara statsminister i åtta år – böjt upp Vad var det bästa med Eric Saades dag? Vänta. Ska Uno få örnjäveln att flyga också?

Vissa av dem kan vi lämna därhän. ”Slå” (Uno Svenningsson) ”Den dag jag vinner allt” (Tomas Andersson Wij). Vi känner kronprinsessan som en otvungen person. Varm och Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldts tal till Kronprinsessan och Herr Daniel Westling Det blev inledningen på vad som med tidens gång blivit allt fler och tätare förbindelser. Det är ett värde som vi ska slå vakt om och som jag tror att vi har.

Vi har sett en lång rad av borgerliga ministrar (och numer en del Att de rika ska "Reinfeldt vinner ska vi sla vad" är väl bara självklart för Skytte.

Svensktoppen nästa!

. brukar kritisera är Chávez vilja att slå samman alla vänsterpartier till ett parti. Alla vinner om KD åker ur riksdagen. Finns det nån som kan förklara för mig vad Reinfeldt menar?.

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