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Framing gender inequality as a policy problem in Spanish and Swedish politics of care. In investigating global and regional care chains, scholars have traditionally adopted a sociological bottom-up approach, but more attention has recently been focussed on the role of the state.

Despite this new attention to states and how they condition care chains, the existing frameworks cannot grasp the complexity of potential struggles and tensions within states and at the various state levels. In outlining a broad and tentative analytical framework for exploration of the role of the state in "Elin kan vara i sverige" global care chains, this theoretical article combines feminist state theory, discursive policy analysis and multi-level governance theories.

Paying attention to the role of the state, we focus on the framing of policy problems that are important for care chains and on potential tensions between different framings within a state and across the different state levels. We argue that these framings should be investigated in both receiving and sending states. This study analyses domestic workers' social citizenship "Elin kan vara i sverige" and the role and value attributed to paid domestic work in public policy.

It examines key policy documents such as acts, bills and parliamentary debates related to three policy areas: These policies aim to extend social citizenship, but at the same time they have exclusionary effects, particularly on domestic workers performing care work. Migrant women have come to play an important role as care and domestic workers in private households in Europe. The insertion of migrant women in domestic service often bridges the gap between the need for care and the lack of public or subsidized private services.

The globalization of care is particularly significant in southern European contexts where public care provision is scarce and cheap migrant labor is being demanded by average- and high-income households aspiring to combine employment and family life. They have been more silent on the right to family life of domestic workers — the right to combine paid work and care for their families.

Based on a case study of Spain, this chapter analyzes the framing of domestic work and workers in domestic employment and family policies. It aims to explore these questions: How do Spanish employment and Elin kan vara i sverige policies frame domestic workers? In what ways do these policies re produce inequalities related to gender, class and migrant background?

As more and more political institutions stress the significance of gender equality policies, it becomes important to investigate the different interpretations and meanings attached to the concept of gender equality in diverse policy contexts. In this article we are interested in problematizing visions of gender equality by studying the challenges that the growing amount of paid domestic work performed within European households poses for gender equality policies and practices in two European countries.

As welfare states, Sweden and Spain are generally considered to be very different, and in policies on care for children and the elderly the differences are perhaps most apparent.

In both countries, however, paid domestic work in the home has become more and more common in the last two decades.

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The rise Elin kan vara i sverige paid domestic services in European households has been interpreted as due to the limitations or decline of welfare states, the ageing populations, and the increasing numbers of dual-earner families.

These services are most often provided by women, predominantly of immigrant background, and involve a wide range of tasks, including care work. The phenomenon of an increasing sector of domestic care work poses a theoretical and methodological challenge to gender and welfare studies. This article argues that the analysis of debates surrounding domestic service in private households is a useful starting-point for an intersectional analysis by means of revealing the normative assumptions and marginalization embedded in gender equality policies.

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It uses a comparative frame analysis in combination with intersectional analysis to assess how interactions between gender, class, race, and sexuality have been articulated in the policy debates on domestic services in Spain and Sweden. This article explores how paid domestic work is framed in state policies and discourses, drawing upon theoretical discussions on gender, welfare and global care chains. Empowering and disempowering frames are discussed; domestic workers are mainly constructed as a solution Elin kan vara i sverige the care problem and only marginally as subjects and rights-holders.

The overall aim is to examine how public policies legitimize and re produce social inequalities related to gender, class and nationality.

Elin Peterson Forskare View page in English. Helene Brodin, Elin Peterson.

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Nordic Journal of Migration Research 7 4 Kapitel Paid domestic work in Spain: Gendered framings of work and care in policies on social citizenship. Questions of Gender Equality and Citizenship, Kapitel License to care? Migrant domestic workers in Spanish employment and family policy. Migrant domestic workers and family life, Elin Peterson, Lucas R. Kapitel Maid in Europe. Elin Elin kan vara i sverige, Elin Peterson. NORA 18 3 Artikel The invisible carers.

The European Journal of Women's Studies 14 3 Om webbplatsen och cookies Personuppgiftsbehandling Lediga jobb Kontakt. Telefon 73 View Elin Folkesson's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community En ära att vara konferencier tillsammans med vår VD Anders. Gröna fonder är det hetaste du kan köpa på fondmarknaden just nu. StockholmSweden. [email protected] · Welcome to Film i Väst · Film i Väst as Co-Producer; Shoot and post in Västra Götland. Production advisory · Studio Fares.

Vem som helst kan se att Vänsterpartiet exploaterar de unga afghanerna maximalt. Och vem brukar vara närvarande vid organisationens sammankomster i Stockholm, Jo Elin Morén, vice ordförande för Ung Vänster.

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CHODORKOVSKIJ TILL TYSKLAND Framing gender inequality as a policy problem in Spanish and Swedish...
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How do I get the talking and meeting ball rolling? We just want to live – en film av Narcisa Genesa Ion och Elin Bååth Det är svårt att förstå hur situationen på gatan i Sverige kan vara bättre än. E-post [email protected] Äldreomsorger i Sverige, Men att inte passa in i stereotypen för en ”äkta företagare” kan vara ett hinder för..

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Elin kan vara i sverige

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Nordic Journal of Migration Research 7 4 , In this article we are interested in problematizing visions of gender equality by studying the challenges that the growing amount of paid domestic work performed within European households poses for gender equality policies and practices in two European countries. This article argues that the analysis of debates surrounding domestic service in private households is a useful starting-point for an intersectional analysis by means of revealing the normative assumptions and marginalization embedded in gender equality policies.

NORA 18 3 , Elin Kvist, Elin Peterson.

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Elin kan vara i sverige
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