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In my experience, this approach works equally well for the agile team, the department management group and the steering board team. This blog is me documenting how I ended up facilitating these sessions. For me, a Working Agreement captures the expectations we have on each other within the team when we collaborate and communicate. I call it Working Agreement. You call it whatever makes sense for you.

Running a Working Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen workshop as early as possible is crucial for setting the team up for success. Meaningful inclusive retrospectives are possible with distributed teams. This guide is based on the retrospective format that we used at LRF Media.

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Great conference, great atmosphere! Very inspiring to hang out with a bunch of super-experienced practitioners. This is the video recording from that evening. Learning is key to improving. Yet without curiosity, learning stagnates.

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Are you continuously curious about your customers and their needs? Are you curious about how a change to your process might improve flow and outcomes?

Curiosity may Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen be a superpower. She is coming back to Stockholm in November and we got the opportunity to sit down with her and ask some questions about open participation and her work on the future of organizational life.

This places enormous strain on legacy structures which are difficult to overhaul, and conventional management practices which are difficult to shed. In agile software development there is the notion of refactoring when code has become too unruly and is increasingly built up in an ad hoc manner.

Refactoring means starting over with clean, elegant code. It releases a tremendous amount of complexity "Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen" the system. Open participatory practices do the same for organizational structures. It releases complexity and affords more elegant ways to solve complex problems. So OPO is basically a location based structure to self-organize and to self-manage in organizations?

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Self-organization and self-management are core principles of open participation. Location-based-structure is one way to optimize them. Locations are defined as mutually interdependent. If you renovate your kitchen you are simultaneously adding value to your house, and to the experience of everyone who lives there. Similarly, in the OPO, people focus on making sure that the locations are healthy, and that the relationships between them are synergistic.

This simultaneously adds value to the larger whole. Click for a zoomed in version. Here are the slides from my agile intro at KTH last week. Hope you enjoyed it! But who should I look for to fill this role?

The easy answer to this question is that you are looking for a Scrum master for a team of teams. Going beyond that, when it comes to specific traits, you are looking for someone who cares about process and improvements, someone who has the ability to orchestrate things. But at the same time, someone who also knows when to step back and let the teams organize themselves. A good RTE is a great communicator and can see and understand what is happening.

Someone who builds trust and energy with their presence. Secondly, a good RTE is systematic and makes sure the process events are run and planned in advance. Thirdly, a good RTE should be a good problem solver. They also arrange Agile Islands, a small conference but with sharp content. Here are the slides. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to give a keynote presentation at an internal innovation event hosted by one of the more pioneering product companies here Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen the Stockholm area.

The organizers requested the name of their organization to remain undisclosed, but were happy to see a video recording of the Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen shared publicly. This talk attempts to explain how locations are a stable structure that is different from the stable agile teams and departments that we are used to; and how an organization built as a set of locations allow more autonomy, more open and distributed governance and other advantages compared to most of our agile organizations today.

Some learnings from the field and tips for how to get started with some of these ideas are given at the end. If you are curiously looking for a solid realist viewpoint for finding better ways to practically explore the Future of Work it could be for you. So over the summer I wrote a little story board book that will help you get started. What happens when you use Agile in marketing?

Zalando have been using Lean "Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen" Agile tools inside marketing for some time. That makes up an unique and interesting case study, from a company pushing the boundaries. Do you want to learn how Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen get started with Agile in marketing? Try out brand new Agile Marketing class in September. The Agile Manifesto has been around sinceand agile ways of working have existed long before that.

So what is this thing called Modern Agile? Is the manifesto outdated and needs to be replaced? Anyone with a little bit of knowledge about racing,knows that there are many components that need to work together, in order to forge success. But — as important — is how you put them to use. We got the chance to interview Linus and his race engineer at LL MotorsportsBo Hanner, on how they have used Lean and Agile thinking, in order to keep an edge on competition.

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Where is Linus now? Fix It Now, or Delete It! I wrote a blog entry about this method a few months ago, and now there are lots of resources to help you talk to your team about Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen the way you deal with bugs.

As part of the preparations for the lightning talk I gave last week at Agila Sverige, I created an info-graphiccardsa mobile app thanks to Daniel Sundman for implementing it in react-native for iOS and Androidand a website. I hope that these resources will help you and your Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen in your journey to a successful zero-bug policy!

Go read my previous post on the tradeoffs between estimating and not estimating large backlogs. You can do larger scale estimation in MANY ways. What I will share with you here is just one way I have found to do it effectively, with enough accuracy at a reasonable cost. It requires some pre-conditions, such as having a team with an established way of working and some way of estimating on the team level, so it may not fit your situation.

But if it does it is probably worth your time to check out. This article is the third in a series about system testing: JUnit is poorly named.

Given the name, people tend to think that it should only be used to write Java unit tests. And then people feel a bit hesitant about writing their integration tests with JUnit too. When they start with system tests, they often think they need another driver for their tests. Sure, maybe using another abstraction layer and a custom Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen specific language BDDyou can make the tests more readable for a non-programmer.

That often comes at the cost of making the tests less readable for the programmers.

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Perhaps just naming test classes and methods well and writing readable code can suffice? This article is the second in a series Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen system testing: You may want to read Dockerized testing vs end-to-end testing first.

A prerequisite for running your tests against a Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen environment is of course that the service you want to test is packaged as a Docker image. However, usually services have one or more dependencies to other services, such as its own database, a queue and perhaps a external RESTish service that returns nasty XML.

You want each of these services in their own container. To spin up a bunch of docker containers, you can use docker-compose. I recently rewrote the end-to-end tests for a service. This brought up the question of what we should test in the end-to-end e2e tests vs our Dockerized tests.

This article is the first in a series about system testing: Since the original e2e tests were written, we my team have also introduced another type of tests. These are similar to the e2e tests.

They also test the connections between services in the system, and how the system works as a whole. One key difference between e2e tests and dockerized tests is that the dockerized tests do not test the system when it is deployed the way we deploy it in staging and production environments. Estimation seems to have gotten a bit of a bad reputation lately. Another trend is that some people advocate against doing estimation at all mostly because they view it as a beginner tool, so by not estimating we are no longer beginners.

Svagt uppat for teknikforetagen way I look at it is that we should estimate when the reasons to do so outweigh the reasons not to do so. In some scenarios this also includes doing estimation of large backlogs. You can then decide for yourself if your situation justifies doing it or not.

As a product owner, your job is to make assumptions, or hypotheses. Hypothesis-driven product discovery, anyone? You assume that your priorities will be the best outcome, the shortest time to market or something else. STOCKHOLM (Direkt) USA-börserna såg på onsdagseftermiddagen ut att öppna svagt nedåt. Före öppning på tisdagen kom rapporter från. Miljöpartiet gjorde ett svagt val och förlorade stora delar av sitt väljarstöd.

I flera av länets kommuner har antalet ledamöter i fullmäktige. Månsarp har startat svagt och är helt utan poäng efter fyra spelade matcher. Gnosjö tog nu sin första seger. Innebandy · Gnosjö IBK.


In my experience, this manner works equally well as far as something the agile team, the department management group and the steering board together. This blog is me documenting how I ended up facilitating these sessions. For me, a In force Agreement captures the expectations we have on each other within the crew when we collaborate and communicate. I call it Working Agreement. You awaken it whatever makes significance for you.

Running a Working Agreement workshop as early as possible is crucial for setting the team up for flying colors. Meaningful inclusive retrospectives are possible with distributed teams. This guide is based on the retrospective constitution that we used at LRF Media. Great convention, great atmosphere! Very inspiring to hang out with a bunch of super-experienced practitioners. This is the video recording from that evening.

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Tags agile , slides Comment 0. Hope you enjoyed it! I hope that these resources will help you and your team in your journey to a successful zero-bug policy! Running a Working Agreement workshop as early as possible is crucial for setting the team up for success. Readable Java system tests with good old JUnit Posted on — If you are curiously looking for a solid realist viewpoint for finding better ways to practically explore the Future of Work it could be for you.

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