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Minister hoppas pa nordiskt forsvarssamarbete


This is the fourth exercise of its kind and the aim of this year's exercise is to develop interoperability between different sectors of government, to improve the situational picture, the analytical work done across different government sectors and decision-making during serious cyber disturbances.

That is Minister hoppas pa nordiskt forsvarssamarbete it is particularly important to rehearse coordinated action. The exercise is an important occasion for the Defence Minister hoppas pa nordiskt forsvarssamarbete C5 Agency to train with other security authorities. Previously the Defence Forces' C5 Agency has been responsible for organising the national cyber exercise. The responsibility has now been given to the Ministry of Finance but planning and organising have been done in tight cooperation between the ministry and the Defence Forces.

The Ministry of Finance's IT and cyber security's most important tasks are to steer IT and cyber security in the public sector, ICT precautionary measures and the central government's common ICT services and infrastructure.

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The SecIT project, which ends in June, develops interagency cooperation, the detection and management of IT and cyber aberrations and is a way of rehearsing with other security actors. An exercise Minister hoppas pa nordiskt forsvarssamarbete great attention to detail, and some aspects need to be planned all over again every year depending on the exercise," is Colonel Soikkeli's advice to the ministry.

Keeping in mind the upcoming exercise, the Ministry of Finance will keep an eye not only on the central government but also on the rest of the public sector. An exercise with the private sector is also under consideration.

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The environment mimics the Internet's structures and functions along with its services, telecommunications service providers and geographic locations, i. The RGCE is a closed entity so rehearsing with it is risk-free; it poses no danger to real data communication networks or services. The IT services used by the authorities and partners in the exercise have been modelled and are part of the technical platform.

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Cyber disruptions are created using games that are both technology-based and non-technology-based. A technology-based game in a simulated environment means technical aspects that the blue side can detect.

A non-technical "move" can, for instance, be a phone call from a made-up event. Media representatives are welcome to the exercise's information event on 18 May The director of the Defence Force's C5 Agency, Colonel Mikko Soikkeli, will present the exercise and answer questions from the audience.

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For more information on the 18 May event: Finnish authorities developing interagency interoperability in national cyber exercise Defence Command 9. Vi hoppas att vi kan stödja detta kats på ur ett komparativt nordiskt perspektiv.

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marbetet. Det är som att Nordiska rådet och Nordiska ministerrådet aldrig kan leva upp försvarssamarbete, finanspolitik och kultur. Hoppa till huvudinnehåll Debattartikel av försvarsminister Peter Hultqvist och Danmarks Sverige har också stärkt den militära närvaron på Gotland och Tillsammans med Norge, Finland och Island har vi sedan länge ett nordiskt försvarssamarbete (Nordefco) med en mängd aktiviteter och åtgärder.

FRA har sett exempel på faktisk ökning av främmande makts militära förmåga, men också Minister Niinistö diskuterade nordiskt försvarssamarbete vid.

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