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United overtygade mot arsenal


October 14, Almost immediately, the capital of Libya began street fighting. And then blew it up, according to Twitter bloggers from Libya. Previously, t he main place of his home was a French warship. Clearly it was not just a rumour. The fighting started after a demonstration by Gaddafi loyalists in the Abu Salim district of the city.

The imperialist propaganda organization BBC told the truth about Sirte. Tripoli is in heavy fighting. These protests were also performed in the previous week with tens of United overtygade mot arsenal of participants. The mainstream of NATO — the heads of state and corporate media, including Germany of United overtygade mot arsenal — they just dead silence Just as today.

Brave resistance burned the headquarters of the Council of Shame in Abu Salim area. South Tunisia is extremely angry at rebels. We are the leaders, we are the revolutionists, we know everything.

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Bombing houses of NTCit was key-Buildings. Rebels have retreated to port and are hiding themselves in Fear of the large protests on october 14 protests. But once thereas if by magicmen who had escaped at the sight of drones have arisen.

All were captured or killed. What nationality are the Europeans? NATO media outlets continue inventing lies to boost Mercenary morals, but all United overtygade mot arsenal eventually get shattered. Zero hour on Friday — I hope you get out United overtygade mot arsenal this night, and take the control of the cities and streets, I wish you a rapid advance …… They also entered south of Tripoli.

The medical source from hospital in Benghazi also said that 6 of Al Qaeda rebels got shot during the celebrations. As reported to me by a witness, a homemade bomb Julatina was thrown on people in a car and the claimed bombing sacrificed up to 4 persons.

It was done by the heroic Guerilla suicide bomber Mohamed Nouri Abozyrebh 33 years old. We also ask for popular peace marches in all countries of the world in solidarity with the free Libyan people, thank you ………. I hope for the publication of the call —. Both of them are in good health and lead the fight in 2 different fronts. We can deny false accusations that Moutasim was captured and we can deny them officially.

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Brother Mousa Ibrahim on some short talk has also informed us that the health of leader and the health of Mousa himself are good. Sirte massacre of AL-dallar neibourhoud is a shame for humanity. Our contact in Sirte has taken all the pics and evidence and when we win and he can sent us we are ready to exterminate the rat collaborators worldwide. This all for now and hope tommorow we can gather people in streets with no nato bombs on our heads.

NATO rebels left them behind, and green army collected them from Southern districts, valleys and reefs. It is believed that there are armed clashes between our heroes and NATO-led traitors. NATO has evolved from an Alliance focused on a singular threat, to an Alliance based on security partnership between the 28 members and the rest of the world, thanks to the military intervention in Libya, a senior NATO official said here.

And I was shocked and outraged!! All the lies I had been told made me furious. We would be blessed, in the U. He is loved by millions, all around the world—something I had no idea about before 8 months ago. Well, I ask you to consider that a common flag of the people be adopted, and that you spread that idea to all people who are struggling for peace, freedom, balance, love, equity. Thank you very United overtygade mot arsenal for reading this lenghty note. Libyan women would rather fight to "United overtygade mot arsenal" death, than being forced to live under the rule of a Saudi-Like regime, where they are not allowed to leave their home after five o clock afternoon…[Dr.

These last have profited from the absence and the instantaneous interruption of the television Al TV RAI to announce this kind of lies which was spread out by the not objective media chains and this are media lies. They have even intensified the attacks against Sirte United overtygade mot arsenal all weapon kinds to terrorise the population, s o that nobody goes out on the 14th of October to demonstrate against them.

Divisions of the Transitional National Council weeks trying to gain control of the Libyan Sirtewere forced to retreat now under intense fire from forces of Muammar Qaddafi. This is reported by Arab television stations. According to field commanders, troops were forced to stop PNC avit all captured in the last two quarters of the day and retreat to 2 km. Welcome to the new Libya which respects freedom of Religion not.

I thought the NTC was in complete control? Sunni muslim militias desecrating Sufti mosques. So far we are learning, the new Libya is rascist treatment of black Africans and has United overtygade mot arsenal religious tolerance [J. The only thing that is true to a field hospital packed reception. Doing so they are committing the war crime of using indiscriminate force against populated areas. OktoberZusammenfassung, Deutsch!

NATO protects civilians from terrorists by murdering them — The lesson from Sirte is that despite all this, Sirte is still green. The lesson from Sirte is that Sirte will always be green because the racist and terrorist filth NATO has unleashed against it does not have the moral right or the human value to change its colour from green to black, the mirror image of the soul of the TNC.

The lesson from Sirte is that it is by now United overtygade mot arsenal clear where NATO stands as regards defending civilians. It is strafing them and is trying to impose a government of terrorists from the air.

The lesson from Sirte is that the NTC is nothing more than a bunch of cowards who have not won one single battle without cowering behind the massive air superiority of NATO. Where, I ask, is the valour and chivalry and honour in that? It depends in which way the United overtygade mot arsenal government is supported by the population. By Sibel Edmonds — Yesterday I came across a video clip depicting a gruesome hospital scene in Libya.

I watched the video, and then watched it again. T he children in a literal blood bath; torn limbs and ripped bodies. The realitie… I saved the video. I made a note. But the news comes patriots units loyal to Gaddafi attacking the rats in the distribution of Rkdalin and Abu Kemash. We expect more detailed information that obviously will not come from the big international media. According to military experts, the losses in Libya, the U. Allegedly made during the recent exercises in Germany during the United overtygade mot arsenal suffered more than 50 elite soldiers of the 82nd Division, U.

However, no military Bundeswehr, or other NATO countries that participated in the exercises, have not suffered the slightest loss. According to some reports, these 50 soldiers and sergeants, have suffered during a failed landing at the beginning of October in Libya. They tried to take control of the oil refinery in Ras Lanuf. In all of those places there were clashes and fighting, and in spite of their best efforts, neither United overtygade mot arsenal nor their political and military hirelings have so far succeeded to break the Libyan peoples will and ability to resist.

Sabha — Libyan army abandon one scud missile with TNT on it in United overtygade mot arsenal outskirts of Sabha and exploded on a rebel brigade which killed 15 and wounded many. What she, Mahdi Nazemroaya, Thierry Meyssan and lots of other journalists could forget.

Ein Konvoi mit ihnen auf dem Weg nach Tunesien wurde sogar bombardiert. It United overtygade mot arsenal he who convinced the French president to start a war against Libya.

In an interview he says: Heroica Sirte es testimonio de dignidad y lealtad a la patria, es un ejemplo para el mundo …. EEUU ya dijo que los millones de fondos libios en cuentas en su pais era lo que ellos cobraban por inmiscuirse en la guerra. Bani Walid is still in their hands, and even Rasd Lanouf. So why the CNT which controls nothing he will announce the release of Libya? History of schedule probably because NATO wants to withdraw, despite its hodgepodge spokesman called Lavoie.

S till, many cities and southern Libya is still under control of Gaddafi and Libyans, the real. The Islamists have not yet dared to go. High hearts, the resistance is the house and the CNT does not control anything! Sirte Sirte die Sirte suffer burn ….

Nowmore than 40 Nato planes bombing Sirte,on the residential areas. Sirte Sirte die tired. For men have entered into a ghost town Bani Walid, the expedition quickly turned into a nightmare. Protecting to kill, killing to protect. NATO wanted to declare its victory. Unlike figure, there, actually, more than Nato-mercenaries were killed and more than have got serious traumas.

Thus, though the Red Cross evacuated the last of patients who have remained in hospital Ibn Sina in Sirte, mercenaries have grasped the Philippine nurses who hid in a hospital cellarand have sent them for treatment of wounded men in field hospital, on the western entrance to a city. More than 70 civilians have been killed. Tripoli is on verge of collapse and is expected soon Everyone is saying. They prefer to die that be raped [GuerrillaTweet Tweets Guerill s 5. Nato command in Panic.

08h/ United Nations has recognized that it can not normalize life in. increasing military Arsenal of Champions from Bani Walid each day.

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. Det var han som övertygade den franske presidenten att starta ett krig mot Libyen. skeptiska mot forskning om undervisning och lärare (Helldén, Lindahl & tydligt att de själva inte är övertygade om att det de ska undervisa om, verkligen det av intresse att bygga upp en arsenal av medvetna sätt att handla och tala om .

study seem to be quite similar to results from a study in the United States. Liverpool var det bättre laget mot Arsenal men även de tappade i slutet av matchen och förlorade. City har en svår match United overtygade mot arsenal mot Swansea och United tar emot West Bromvich på. Liverpool övertygade mot Newcastle och vann med

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