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Brodraskapet vann stort


A Vermont Historical Society painting depicting Ann Story and her family defending her Salisbury homestead during the early s. Art courtesy of Vermont Historical Society. Pioneer woman, wife, mother, horsebreaker, farmer, expert shooter, hunter, trapper, rebel spy and Indian fighter, Story was an all-American woman with the intelligence, courage, and stamina of a modern action hero.

As a pioneer, Ann was an early American who embodied the fighting spirit that built the United States. According to her most recent biographer Michael T. Ann married farmer Amos Story in Inshe gave birth to a son, Solomon. During the s, Vermont was contested frontier territory referred to as either the New Hampshire Brodraskapet vann stort or simply as part of northern New York Province.

What you called this region depended upon your colony of origin as well as your factional loyalties.

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Amos and Solomon trudged through 35 miles of deep, fly- and mosquito-infested forest and swamp lands to get to their homesite. The Storys were the second family to pioneer the wilderness along the Middlebury-Salisbury line.

Ann Story (February 27, /...

On acres, Amos and Solomon erected a lean-to cabin as a base camp for land-clearing work. They returned south to Ann, and the rest of the family, in late autumn; they spent that winter i the safety Brodraskapet vann stort the Rutland fort. Then he started chopping through the opposite side As he whittled away the trunk, the great tree A lower limb swung around and hit Amos, knocking him to the ground. Before he could get up, the maple tree smashed down on top of him. Young Solomon was alone, Brodraskapet vann stort reacted quickly.

He located Benjamin Smalley, a neighbor, located a few miles north "Brodraskapet vann stort" Middlebury. Solomon thanked Smalley for the help and set off to Fort Ranger to his mother, brother, and sisters with the sad news. Ann Story did not let the death of her husband end her dream of building a new life of freedom on the frontier.

A tall, athletic woman, Ann purchased a packhorse at the fort and the family trekked overland to the Salisbury lean-to. Within days, Ann and her children began work on the partially built cabin.

The ledge led to a thicket of brushes and then on to the nearby bank of the Otter Creek. This crevice is still visible at the former cabin site today. During the darkest days of the American Revolution, Ann dug out a tunnel above Otter Creek below the cabin site.

Like many other Vermont settlers,...

Ann became a rebel, too, anda confidant to the Boys. Ann died April 5, A pioneer cabin, built nearby in Addison County during the same time, used to stand as a memorial to Ann Story near the original cabin site. It was destroyed by an arsonist in Hannah Goodrich, died 5th April in the 75th year of her age.

Our website is best viewed in the latest versions of Apple Safari or Google Chrome. Skip to main content. Client Login Support Center. Home Articles The Sun Pioneer woman: Ann Story was mother, hunter, rebel, spy. Back to Search Results. Read content by town. Ann Story was an 18th century heroine who cast a long shadow across Vermont’s landscape.

Pioneer woman, wife, mother, horsebreaker, farmer, expert shooter, hunter, trapper, rebel spy and Indian fighter, Story was an all-American woman with the intelligence, courage, Brodraskapet vann stort stamina. Like many other Vermont settlers, Ann and her husband Amos Story grew up in Connecticut. InAnn Story’s house was burned down Brodraskapet vann stort Native Americans who were allied with the British army.

After he left, Ann sent a message to the Green Mountain Boys. Brodraskapet vann stort tell their story, without losing the contextual position of hegemony in the analysis. Lindgren, Gerd () Broderskapets logik [The logic of brotherhood].

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