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Kim kardashian och kanye west fick en dotter

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He is right about everything all the time. Just as we can rely on Kanye to speak the truth on any number of very important topics—from George W.

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Seacrest is no star. What a cool thing to suggest, Ryan Seacrest! That a man Kim kardashian och kanye west fick en dotter undeniable talent and manifold interests has a mental disorder enabling him to get so much done.

Everyone laughed, and that was that, right? At this point, we tired of it. And for anyone who wants to have an argument and pretend that the Grammys "Kim kardashian och kanye west fick en dotter" awarded based on pure artistry, may I remind you that Iggy Azalea was the early favorite to win for Rap Album of the Year?

Maybe someday people will listen. Follow Kristin Iversen on twitter kmiversen. Five out of hundreds are nominated, and one of those will win. How is that album so slept-on? It sounds, in other words, a little like poptimism run amok. Common and No I. Common is his label mate and No I. Eminem won like he always does well past his relevancy. You say that Kanye speaks truth, but these omissions are glaring?

Finally, what does bum-rushing the stage confirm? It also confirms that the industry is relevant, relevant enough to invoke such controversy. Again, you say that it is important Kanye speak this truth, what does it accomplish? Sounds like a lot of whining to me. Kanye is part and parcel of the commercial machine. Take this for instance: Hey so the judges picked Beck instead of Beyonce, so what? To say something as stupid as: No 1 he knows squat about Beck and his music which has always been extremely creative.

Kanye West is not a pro. He can sell millions of records and buy fine works of art etc etc but he will always remain a classless amateur.

KIM Kardashian has hit back...

Maybe because he drinks too much.? Kanye was right in attacking Beck.

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I think Kanye often speaks truth, and often in the most puerile insulting manner possible, but regardless of that, fuck you for this, Iversen. You are consistently the worst but this is beyond the pale. How dare you try and turn a basic descriptor into a wolf-whistle just because you agree with the content of this, yes, rant. He is a Kim kardashian och kanye west fick en dotter idiot and tool. Hope they never invite him back.

Her music has no cultural impact. Keep believing most people care about them simply because a few people with no lives on Twitter talk about them. What a joke of an article. I am not a fan of Beyonce. That does not make me a racist, or stupid, or musically bereft.

It means I have a different opinion, different musical tastes. Kanye West seems to think we should all be of one mind — his mind — and feel the same way or be moved in the same fashion as he. He does not deserve a pat on the back for his courage or insight, he deserves to be ignored. People can have different musical tastes, but shame on the writer too. I started reading this article expecting her to have written a satire or a piece of sarcasm. That is a disgusting attempt to justify rude and unprofessional behavior.

Behavior that has absolutely nothing to do with skin color. Beck made the best album of the year — hands down — and the Grammy voters acknowledged that. That is because Beck is a true artist, a brilliant artist, in every sense of the word.

Dude looks and sounds like a fool, from what I can tell. I Kim kardashian och kanye west fick en dotter with all of you. He is a tool. This article is dribble and rediculous. The world according to Kanye. He is an artist. However he has proven himself incapable of that. But to read an article that heralds this egregious mound of shit is insulting to my eyes. What is sad I can never get this time back that it took to read it. Ranting is now considered a racist term? Why such Bey fanning?

Is it because she lives in Brooklyn? I think she will continue to live lavishly despite her record of the year loss. Next year they should seat him in the back row or throw him out if he storms the stage. Kanye takes himself way too seriously. My father used to say: I just expressed mine. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. A child can say whatever is on his mind. I woke up today and felt the urge to join mainstream America and see what all the fuss was about. After seeing what the ever humble kanye west had to say, I took to finding ways to support others that might see this as upsetting.

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It seems like your article defends his actions? Do you know that the word musician refers to musicianship? There are musicians on the street corner worth more than kanye west.

Making a Safe Space for Music, and a Movement. Meow Wolf Documentary Comes to Brooklyn. A true artist in a world of pretenders… That being said fuck the grammys… no fuck all award shows, how can you judge art?

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