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Tidig debatt kan gynna wallstrom


Unionens valuta ska vara euron. Click through this guide to find out more about the EU's institutions. PM Nilsson, ledare Dagens Industri, 1 maj Germany's parliamentary democracy is under threat from the European Union which is slowly taking away all the national parliament's powers Roman Herzog, the country's ex-president, has said in Welt am Sonntag.

That means getting a new text ready by the end of Everyone knows that the text rejected by France and the Netherlands is dead. Everyone also knows that whatever replaces it will have to await the French presidential election in the spring and Tony Blair's handover of power in Britain presumably in early summer.

Bor i Jämtland

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Tidig debatt kan gynna wallstrom

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Why argue about things you can't influence? The French and Dutch referendum votes against the European constitutional treaty It is a crisis provoked by the expansion of the European Union.

Mr Chirac said he had chosen to have a referendum on the Constitution out of respect for French citizens and traditions. But on balance it clearly makes things worse.

Full text More about The Roman Empire. Geoffrey Fitchew, a former Commission director-general for financial institutions, alleges that "the Union is given a power to legislate to impose binding principles of an unspecified character on 'services of general economic interest', a term which covers universal post and public transport systems, but also includes education and health".

By introducing the bill quickly, Labour hopes to shelve a contentious political issue before next year's probable general election and lay the ground for a referendum.

Julbordskoll pa stans krogkommission betygsatter nio julbord Slakteri anmals for dalig bedovning SEGLING STATSMINISTERN OCH ARNEVA RUNT GOTLAND Kuba knappt bast i vm Tidig debatt kan gynna wallstrom Dokusapaflod vag mot absolut botten TRANARNAS SUCCE TAR HJALP AV OS COACHEN

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Like Mr Blair, he fears he could lose such a poll. It would be nice to think that this is because the EU is a normal democracy in which leaders have taken note of the French and Dutch votes.

The prime minister will resist Tory demands for an early referendum, saying that three hurdles must first be cleared. It will involve a large-scale transfer of power to Brussels. Mr Blair called the draft treaty "good news for Britain", but he will have trouble persuading a hostile press, including the tabloid The Sun which warned this week: Small- and medium-sized member states - particularly Poland and Spain - have been strongly opposed to the new system fearing it means large member states can run roughshod over them in important decisions.

Official results showed 77 per cent voted Yes, against 17 per cent of voters who rejected the treaty.

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