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Frans succe borjade i kompisens tradgard


Friday, December 28, Soul 60s and 70s. Among the albums we find highlights as the superb Optimistics recommended for sweet soul crossover fans and Artistics LPs, plus the very rare Mabus Madness LP on Maple. Also nice to be able to offer the Lim Taylor album for the first time in years.

Gren: ”Vi för diskussioner”

Hope you find something of interest, and see you again in Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, December 28, No comments: This Friday we do a for us somewhat uncommon update with focus on signed jazz LPs, vocal jazz and a Chet Baker special! Soul 60s and 70s. Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, December 21, No comments: Friday, December 14, Rock 60s and 70s.

Tre nyckelspelare har redan lämnat...

Back to the classics today, with Rock from the 60s and 70s. Also featuring plenty of original pressings in not the best conditions, but at a competitive price and in most cases still very listenable! Jazz with signed covers, Vocal Jazz, Chet Baker special.

Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, December 14, No comments: First Hip Hop update in a while now, combined with price reductions on the older Hip Hop stock - always a good feeling to replenish and renew a section.

Tre nyckelspelare har redan lämnat...

Although most Hip Hop fans seem to prefer the "old" or the classics, it's not just Golden Age today, but a few newer titles too - both under the radar and successful albums. Rock 60s and 70s. Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, December 07, No comments: Friday, November 30, Rare Groove. Today we offer a nice mix of funk, soul, funk jazz, fusion and everything inbetween. Hip Hop and RnB.

dessa varandra fanns dörren mor...

Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, November 30, No comments: Friday, November 23, Progg and Progressive Rock. Time for the best Prog update we've had in a long time today, with plenty of rare and much wanted titles ranging from Swedish progg as well as progressive rock from our dear Scandinavian neighbours, UK and mainland Europe Swedish titles include the private pressings Plebb and Pandora, the elusive Modern Music Band, scarce 7 inch singles from Gun Smoke and Olhssons Grova, as well as titles considered classics despite being tough to find. plats . -andersson-om-giffarnas-succestart-har-jakligt-stor-respekt-for-sundsvall

And since it's Black Friday we felt we had to reduce prices on a selection of Rock records. Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, November 23, No comments: This week we have a nice mix of afro, latin, reggae and Brazilian sounds. Progg and Progressive Rock. Posted by recordmania admin at Friday, November 16, No comments: PREFIX:succe. PREFIX:alkanna . PREFIX:frans. PREFIX:öppen SUFFIX: kompisens. SUFFIX:.

SUFFIX:började. SUFFIX: SUFFIX:trädgård. SUFFIX:.

PREFIX:succe. PREFIX:alkanna .. PREFIX:frans. PREFIX:öppen...

Tre nyckelspelare har redan lämnat i sommar. Nu kan IFK Göteborg drabbas av ytterligare ett tungt avbräck: Enligt GT:s uppgifter är Emil. plats. -andersson-om-giffarnas-succestart-har-jakligt-stor-respekt-for-sundsvall .

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