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Following the French Revolution, barter was liberalized: The brandy from the department of Calvados, soon itself named "Calvados", became popular in the capital and the name soon became a generic term for any apple-brandy from Normandy.

The First World War brought a huge demand for spirits. Cider production was revived in the s. Initiated by the Regional Council, with ONIVINS later taking over, the reorganization of the orchards of Normandy now involved the plantation of orchards with cordon trees, with the emphasis on intensive fruit crops better suited to the constraints and requirements of modern agriculture.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Over years of history In the early 16th century, growing cider apple trees received a boost with the arrival of new varieties from the Basque Country. A gentleman of the Cotentin area, an Officer of National Forestry Commission called Gilles de Gouberville, was especially interested in tending his orchards which contained over 40 different varieties of apple trees no less, and on March 28, he noted for the first time in his diary the distillation of cider I order to obtain a drinkable brandy.

This is the first occurrence of apple-brandy in an official piece of writing. Tartan som gick vilse i domstolen

Origin of the word Calvados. It is said that the name Calvados came from a boat in the invincible Armada of King Philippe II of Spain who, in , left to fight the English and ran aground on the Norman coast.

He discovered, however, on an old map of , the word Calvados written twice on the ground by the high cliffs of Bessin. From 17 kilometres, one could see these two elevations, that were in the olden days called dos from the latin dorsa, donkeys back covered only by a thin layer of earth on which nothing grew but the odd bush, so they looked from far like a bald head chauves in French, or calva, in latin.

To avoid the rocky bar under water, the sailors would look out for the calvados pronouced calvado without the final s. Calvados is recognised as being one of the best apple eau-de-vies in the world. This appellation was choosen by the administrative department at its creation in The beginning of the cider eau-de-vie not yet known as Calvados, dates back a long way with a first official mention in the 16th Century.

There are three different appellation areas each one with their own characteristics: Elaboration of the Calvados. First the apple juice is extracted that will after fermentation become cider for distilling. The duration of the distillation is one year:

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  • Calvados is an apple or pear brandy from the Normandy region in France. Contents. 1 History. In France; Elsewhere....
  • Calvados is a department in the Normandy region in northwestern...
  • Site de l'interprofession des appellations cidricoles, du calvados, pommeau, cidre et poiré aoc....
  • Two important markers of defects in Calvados were also identified. . Tâmisa Pires Machado dos...
  • Apple orchards and brewers are mentioned as far back as the 8th century by Charlemagne.
  • Home; JOG Calvados Maillot de bain Femme 2 pieces avec Jog Paris...

Calvados is one of the original 83 departments created pending the French Coup d'�tat on 4 Parade It was created from a part of the former province of Normandy. One in demand legend ascribes its etymology to the Salvador , a ship from the Spanish Armada that sank by the rocks near Arromanches-les-bains in It is more anticipated, however, that the name Calvados was derived from calva dorsa , purport bare backs Scholarly, in reference to two sparsely vegetated rocks off its shore.

After the allied victory at Waterloo the reckon on was occupied at near Prussian troops separating June and November On 6 June , the Allied forces landed on the beaches of the Bay of the Seine in what became known as the Battle of Normandy. Calvados belongs to the region of Normandy and is surrounded by the departments of Seine-Maritime , Eure Wont, Orne and Manche.

To the north is the Baie de la Seine , part of the English Gutter. On the east, the Seine River forms the bounds with Seine-Maritime. The most notable places in Calvados allow for Deauville and the formerly elegant 19th-century casino resorts of the coast.

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Personality or looks first? Calvados is a department in the Normandy region in northwestern France. It takes its name from a cluster of rocks off the English Channel coast. Contents. 1 History; 2 Geography; 3 Economy; 4 Politics. Home; JOG Calvados Maillot de bain Femme 2 pieces avec Jog Paris calvadosbleumarine3 calvadosbleumarine2 calvadosbleumarinedos..

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  • Spirit France, which counts three Calvados brands in its War II, when veterans returned home with a taste for it; dos, Calvados Pays d'Auge, and Calvados.
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