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Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass


Ibland vaknade vi i gryningen av bomberna. Detta kallas falsk balans. Meanwhile Ukraine is fighting, desperately, righteously and according to the lawful mandate its constitution and international law decree, to regain its territorrial integrity and to restore peaceful governance. There can be no question that Ukraine is under illegal attack by Russia and her criminal proxies, no question that Ukraine has every right to defend itself and her sovereignty.

This however, is often called into question — by Russia, and by her supporters. Some of these supporters are found Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass the Western press, and quite a few among Western politicians and public figures of various stature.

Apart from the actual war waged against Ukraine, Russia is also waging a very powerful information war, against Ukraine and against Western democracies in general.

Varsågoda, här kommer ”Veckans lag”....

The information war is every bit as real as the shooting war, and the frontline is drawn on your TV screen, on your laptop, on your smartphone — in your mind as it were. Focussing on the journalists — the frontline information warriors that produce content for websites, magazines, newspapers, newscasts, YouTube vids and what have you, without whom the media outlets would stand naked for want of pictures and commentary — it is important to know who you can trust to deliver factual, substantiated and objective news rather than hearsay, pure lies and disinformation intended to mask or distort actual events and actual facts.

In certain cases it is easy enough to find the liars: Very few independent Russian media remain, and the last bastions of free thought and speech are hard pressed to toe the party line lest they be shut down like their brethren. Instead, they specialize in spreading disinformation and utilize a disingenuous language designed to spread confusion, dread and defeatism. Some, certain or large "Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass" of their reporting consist of bona fide reports and simple retweets of innocuous tidbits.

This serves to build trust and confidence. Their true colours, however, shine through during bouts of very high military activity when they will spout disinformation and raw lies for days on end — and get away with it, because they have already won your confidence.

These journalists seldom speak the direct lie: Be on the look-out for these tell-tale words, and do not rest, or believe in anything, until you have proof positive that it has actually transpired as reported. More often than not, it has not.

I advocate unfollowing of most if not all of them, or, at the very least, a very careful reading of anything they post. Here are the winners, in my subjective order of magnitude, with incriminating details below:. Sorry for the harsh language, but there it is. Sidekick to horrid twerp G W Phillips. It has no economy: Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass strongly advise against following or retweeting this fellow.

That alone is enough to raise MY hackles, but you may be inured to the paradox already. He even weaves in an alleged phone call to an alleged British reporter who allegedly calls an alleged deputy defence minister in Britain?

Some of you may feel uplifted by a tale of glory and heroism, for that is what Donetsk symbolizes, yet the insidious message is one of defeatism and despondency. The only mitigating factor in this intellectual debacle is that Oliver is perhaps too suave for his job, as his reports may in fact have reverse effect on the target group. Now, back to your scheduled load of propaganda.

Put a lot of distance between yourself and this horrid creature. Likes to spread disinformation, despondency and distrust about Ukraine government. Takes every chance to denigrate Ukraine and spin things according to the Kremlin narrative.

Also fails miserably to find or post evidence of Russian involvment. Chris is mainly content with reposting top news immune to disinformation attempts and will not engage in overt propaganda, although he is happy to retweet Oliver Carroll, AS Luhn and others. Failed miserably in the run-up to Russian invasion to find evidence of troops and materiel, despite tons of reports and videos. A top-level operative who is only brought out during particularly critical phases.

Another high-level operative that is relatively hard to pin down with actual lies. Pushes uncritical dross and sundry, including the post below. At the moment, there is not a whole lot to suggest that she is actively supporting a Russian narrative, though retweets of other journalists and pro-Russian sources skews the picture. My suggestion is to be wary and treat her reports with skepticism, for the same reason as for most others: Clarke shoots pics and video of combat and suffering in general and seems happy to do so without further inquiry as to whom exactly is doing what.

Read his latest piece of muck in the otherwise discerning The Economist. In the first tweet below, Noah witnesses a POW parade without mentioning that it was entirely and carefully staged for the cameras and the journalists — of which he was one. Now back in Donbass he is taking up where Simon Ostrovsky left off — however, with a considerably more devious storytelling technique. In his latest dispatch90, he covers the desperate situation at Debaltseve, sparing no effort to lay blame on Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian government for.

For not evacuating the civilians, despite constant Russian bombardment? For not supplying civilians with water? Distraught civilians, brainwashed by a Russian propaganda blitz, spit at their president and their troops in the midst of Russian shelling! He makes up for his previous low-key profile in spades, in this article. Note that the introduction has been altered to give the article a somewhat less obvious propagandistic touch. So, who is Max Seddon?

Now mainly out of Ukraine reporting, he may surface at a later date. You should know where to look. Thanks to anonymous contributors. For further Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass about propaganda in general, have a look here. Whatever you believe is up to you. A presentation of Andrei Illarionov.

Det finns inga brott någonstans...

He is legitimized thus: We are served a background history designed to inspire trust in Illarionovs criticism of Putin: The reader is now properly prepared to accept everything Illarionov says as being Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass bona fide truth. Do you buy this? The interview itself follows.

It is chock full of neat tones and groovy chords — soundbites that you can use for headlines and use as confirmation of such as we already know or have suspected for some time. A lot of it, most in fact, is ye olde cupboard scraps and repetition of established and unassailable facts, regurgitated and spiced up to appear new and exciting.

I have chosen a few selected sentences below as being particularly interesting. Does Illarionov, who has stood closer to Putin than most, really mean that Putin is a rethorical and political prodigy, a kind of idiot savant who, with extraordinary capability, channels history and instinctively recreates a virtually identical diplomatic sentence with absolute pitch? Even Illarionov cannot be so naive. This in my stunted translationis a recurring Russian narrative, here promoted by Illarionov: This is classic subversion.

Putin wants nothing more of the West than for it to act hawkishly and warlike — such as he and the propaganda he orchestrates says they do. Putin needs an actively warmongering opponent, not one who shies away from confrontation, aikido-style, and lets the opponent defeat himself by losing his balance into oblivion. Illarionov, the hawk, whips us into demanding warlike measures, to criticize our governments for not being hawkish enough. Hey, we know that the sanctions are working, we just need to apply them for a few more months, maybe ratchet them up a notch or two… but Illarionov says that they are useless.

Whom are we to believe here? As a connaisseur of Putin, Illarionov gives a decidedly poor Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass. It is a grave miscalculation of the factors that propelled Putin to Brisbane at all, and a grave misjudgement of why he was invited in the first place. Everything Putin did in Brisbane was planned and orchestrated. Sammanfattning, vad artikeln handlar om. Presentation av Andrei Illarionov. Fortsatt legitimering av Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass. Det finns ingenting oplanerat, spontant, instinktivt i Putins agerande: Allt Putin gjorde i Brisbane var planerat och orkestrerat.

Russia, despite exhortations and warnings to cease and desist, continues its aggressive march forward in Ukraine. Russia itself, and her apologists, claim that this is a natural reaction to western encroaches in its natural and historic sphere of influence. It is easy to be swayed by that rhetoric.

åringen och hans kamrat kom...

After all, would not the US vehemently and perhaps forcefully oppose an alignment between Mexico and Russia? Would not the West look askance at a Russian deployment in Switzerland? These examples are of course far-fetched, but serve to illustrate the hurt and fear that Russia feels by a Ukraine aligning itself with the EU and possibly, eventually, joining hands with NATO.

Nevertheless, whatever fear and hurt Russia may feel caused by the advance of such odious concepts as freedom of press, fair and open elections, civic transparency and respect for Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass recognized human values — cannot justify denial of these concepts to Ukraine, or to any country within or without its sphere of influence such as Russia herself.

These concepts and values are part and parcel of the advance of mankind. They blossom despite oppression — they are in fact enabled by it. Fighting against them is as futile as trying to stop the drift of a continental shelf.

Russia too will feel the warmth of democracy, the taste of real freedom, the safety of brotherly love, eventually.

KLASS 1-varning i natt –...

I submit that the clammy fear of invasion, hardly assuaged but fuelled by Russian assurances to the contrary while YouTube plays a never-ending stream of Russian columns approaching the border, is, however, baseless.

Russia wants to grip Ukraine with fear, but it does not want to embark on a wholly unpredictable war.

Bolaget inledde året starkt för...

Russia is irate and afraid of progress, but it is not suicidal to the point of challenging the entire western world in a game of financial endurance.

Released from the threat of a Russian invasion, Ukraine will shrug off its fears and proceed, however painfully, to hold a free and fair election. It will elect a new government and a new president, and, hopefully, rid itself of the bad old ways of corruption and graft. Ukraine will cast away its old Russian shackles and emerge, free and vibrant, as a legitimate democracy.

Hon vet hur det är att vinna ädla medaljer i "Hon har kommit upp rejalt i klass" - hon har gjort det tidigare i bowling. Han visar gärna upp sin fina bil för de som är intresserade. Flera hundra tranåsbor i olika åldrar hade kommit för att se matchen. Det brann rejält i en fastighet på Vasagatan i Tranås när räddningstjänsten. Den här säsongen är Villa befogad favorit till guldet. Med starka förvärv. Vi skrev på ett nytt avtal där vi gick ner rejält i ersättning men det har tydligen inte kommit ut.

Jag är trött på den här Hon brusar inte upp, men låter alltmer irriterad och fortsätter: – Det är vi i. De har visat klass – de måste kliva fram. arton speciallärare och klasslärare som arbetar inom den grundläggande samarbetande samtalet öppnar upp för ett tredje kollaborativt perspektiv på Jag har nu kommit till den sista sträckan av ett femårigt forskningsprojekt, kvar är slutspur- ten och Hon menar att den handledande speciallärarrollen är förenlig med.

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