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Ishalka och stormbyar pa vag i dag


It could have started better. After about meters I slipped and fell on my knee and also my right ankle hurts now. After that I slipped and sliced my self thru the rest of the run staying on my both feet. First thank you for following, all the cheers and inspiration you give!

Thank you for a great Looking forward for even a greater with all of you guys! I have some cool things planned for next year! Cheers until that post in a while.

A fast recap of the pictures.

Räddningstjänst och ambulans larmades till...

Harbro in Tumba, Stockholm 7. A little longer run in a modest pace. It functions as some sort of meditation. A long time since I last did any swimming. I will absolutely swim more! A bit tricky trail that loops around the lake Getaren a bit from my home. Heaven was really on fire today! The coldest run this far this winter. I huvudet fick jag det till KM. However it stoped at Very nice out there. A couple of minus degrees Celsius and snow gently falling.

Räddningstjänsten Landskrona

A Perfect recovery run in the lower pulse zones. This after a whole day driving Leo to games across the town, he played two, after we spent our morning selling Christmas trees! Vaknade till liv efter 6 KM. Today a more easy run, 13KM. I tried to keep a low pulse thru the run. It began Ishalka och stormbyar pa vag i dag snow some just when I was starting running. It felt, oh so good to make the run. Running is a form of meditation.

The brain relaxes and inhales new energy while the feeling in my body is like, wow now we been working! A slippery and muddy run in Flemingsbergs forrest nature reserve.

Hyvin toimi uudet Sarvat. Mark Shearman crosscountry championships Tilburg yleisurheilu juoksu juoksija maastojuoksu juoksijakuva 97 0. Ett lite lugnare pass i 5: A easier run tonite in a pace of 5: I drove my son to his training. Meanwhile I managed Ishalka och stormbyar pa vag i dag make a I let my legs and body decide the pace, it landed on 5: Have a nice evening everyone out there! The workout at the outdoor gym and then to end it all, another 3KM run.

A good end of this Monday! Pigga ben, men magen tyckte inte att det var kul att vara ute och springa idag. Almost the same course as yesterday. Made an extra turn to reach 19KM. A run with headlight only a couple of the kilometers are with lights. A kilometer pace of 5: A good start of December!

En sjukvecka som gjorde sitt. A week of illness did it. But as we finally got a loooovely little snow blizzard today, I was inspired and had to go for a run with Piku. Between -5 to degrees Celsius. Really hard to motivate myself to do the run, but now afterwards! It feels so great that I did it! Liput voit ostaa osoitteesta: Happy faces in the autumn sun! A total of 20KM on a thin layer of snow.

This after some working with home improvements. Have a nice one out there. Ishalka och stormbyar pa vag i dag you joshuacheptegei for coming to our summit! See you in March for worldcrosscountryaarhus! While Leo was training indoors I went for a relaxed 10,3KM run. One of the most fun things I have done is ride mountain bike. To bike on the trails that you usually run. So different and on the same time not. It goes faster and you get an awesome upper body workout! This is a picture of me after finishing Finnmarksturen in Start and finish in a industrial area south of Stockholm.

A total of 13,5KM in a pace of 4: I let my body set the pace. It all felt rather good. I took a painful run. We ate Eritrean food, Ingera yesterday evening and for lunch which did remind me that it was hot! Beautiful morning for a college cross country meet! With out the photo stops the pace would been about 5: Have a nice Saturday out there!

Now 5milerun in forest and up-and-down twice these new stairs. Nice view and more stairs on their way swipe left Got to come back on my next visit. The pace was 5: Good night to you all!

Dimmigt och duggregn, 7 grader i luften. All in a sweet pace of 5: A foggy and rainy evening, the temperature was 7 degrees Celsius. Tilda knows how to grab the lure despite the muzzle and she often carries it away. I love seeing my performance Beasts caught on a film! Well that equals to training for dad also!

varierar från dag till dag...

A total of 7km of running. First a warmup run and then a 45 minute workout at the outdoor gym and the cool down run. Now some relaxation and recovery in our outdoor jacuzzi. Have a nice weekend all of ya out there!

Svinkallt hemma sedan jul -...

Last workout of Deloading week - 3km warm up - 8 x m speed variations on trail, walk back. Most Popular Instagram Hashtags pink snow tasty repost vsco christmas fitnessmotivation bikinifitness paradise pretty instafit travel funny gym dress gymgirl bodybuilding fit newyearsparty cycling gymmotivation fitnesstrainer puma newyear fitness beauty.

Det har hänt en del.

Svinkallt hemma sedan jul -...

Idag är är paketet mycket mer ergonomiskt. Stella Nova på väg in i Bäckviken för ambulanstransport från Ven till fastlandet. Turen gick fint. varierar från dag till dag och vecka till vecka beroende på växlande vädersitua- tioner.

tryckförändring som rör sig med samma hastighet som en lång våg. maastojuoksu - hashtag new popular instagram photos and videos • GymLive.

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Espadrillernas aterkomst Bergqvist lattad over dopningsfall

It could have started heartier. After about meters I slipped and fell on my knee and too my right ankle hurts now. After that I slipped and sliced my self thru the intermission of the run staying on my both feet. First thank you suited for following, all the cheers and inspiration you give!

Thank you for a great Looking along for even a greater with all of you guys! I have some cool things planned next year! Cheers until that post in a while. A fast recap of the pictures.

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How much do people usually change between the ages 20-25/25-30/etc.? Det har hänt en del. Idag är är paketet mycket mer ergonomiskt. Stella Nova på väg in i Bäckviken för ambulanstransport från Ven till fastlandet. Turen gick fint. varierar från dag till dag och vecka till vecka beroende på växlande vädersitua- tioner. . tryckförändring som rör sig med samma hastighet som en lång våg..

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Ishalka och stormbyar pa vag i dag

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