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Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka


Online handel i guld i Fiji. Ft Forex History Rates. Han nekade inte att vara orolig. Men du vill inte veta om det. Den inflation som orsakar skulle vara enorm.

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Nice post Garth Vi lever faktiskt I mycket intressanta tider. Bostadsmarknaderna blir allt snedvrider. Jag tycker att den mest unfo rtunate mistake and injustice ever occurred is that the genius minds behind this great idea never received even a post-humus Nobel prize What a shame. At least I am thinking of them with the greatest admiration every time when the head of the Fed, who is in charge of articulating today, for all of us around the world the wisdom of the genius minds of charging interest of money printed on thin air.

I feel utterly honored that I have the chance to use and take the blessings of this amazing idea that leaves us in debt, with no hope that our words can ever properly describe the genius minds.

Garth, The Canadian dollar was up 5 cent against the US today The Dow was up points after the Fed s statement It appears the interpretation by the financial world is the the US rates are not going up any time soon They may want raise the rates, but the deflation pressures exported from Asia and now from Europe with much weaker Euro, it may not happen for a long time.

Markets were up today after bei ng down prior to the announcement Traders covering their butts on speculation, buying on news Means little Garth. The idea that Canada will not follow suit as the US rises rates is far fetched I believe that they are sweating bullets thinking of the various factors at play e g personal debt levels, exports, etc More proof that economies cannot be managed by central Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka committees.

It is sad that our governments learned nothing from the 20th century Distributed systems are more robust and adaptive that centralized ones, as any student of the internet knows We should have competing currencies, no central banks, no moral hazard e g bank bailouts. Indeed, it is good to be a central banker Garth s claim that the Fed spent trillions is questionable, as it conjures up an image of them shipping trillions of dollars of their hard earned cash reserves or gold or some other asset In reality, it Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka entries on an electronic ledger.

I think you mean posthumous Post-humus "Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka" up images of researchers getting handed bags of decomposed soil. You eat, drink and sleep THIS. As the day gets closer the deniers get more testy They hard for any sliver of justification. Canadian data was awful again That inventory chart looks like the one garth posted Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka oil. Fed don t care Rates will slowly rise It s now a matter of just months Read the release Very simple language Business and households to provide the tailwinds.

Really good news For everybody. BTW, you know what happens when one assumes. Garth do you think this will be passed in the next budget.

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Have you succumbed to ads I m getting ads popping up as I scroll the comments And ad tags attached "Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka" select words like Bank, Invest, Again etc. As an actuary working for a large canadian insurer I can tell you this is false Decreasing interest rates hurt insurance company and increasing interest rates help them Yes the bond portfolio of insurance companies take a hit with higher yield, but these bonds are used to back the reserve that they need to hold for claim payments, and these reserves decrease at the same rate the bond value decrease So insurance companies, when interest rates move, don t have much gain or loss of capital on bonds because of the same move in liabilities, but they benefit greatly from the higher monthly interest payments of a higher rate environment.

Don t believe me Look an any chart of any canadian insurer you know in the first half of when rates raised Manulife, GreatWest, Industrial Alliance. Smoking man vs Gartho on interest rate calls I took oil today. Garth, You got it backwards it is buy on rumors and sale on news. Rates will raise this year, guarantee it Perhaps third quarter but Garth is correct Sorry kiddies the free ride is over Oh it s going to be hell out there with all of the minions of house horny overstuffed people saying WTF happened Karma baby.

Hmmm wouldn t be relying too heavily on any ONE of these, let alone all four Wow. It is not fun but remember this is a US storage problem, not a world price problem Brent crude is 56 not 44 The US just finished a strike that Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka out 20 of its refinery capacity and more capacity was down for overhaul This is the major reason that gasoline prices in BC and California are up Summer driving season is about to start.

US rules don t Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka refiners export Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka Under the circumstances is it likely that the US government won t give at least temporary export permits It s going Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka be tough in Alberta but if I were the oil minister of say, Venezuela, I would be more worried. Banks are going to milk you like a cow Computers project your actions before you even know Low interest rates now high interest rates later scr ewed But but but.

The ancients understood that the game, when society became too depraved debauched had to be reset thus the jubilee The Romans took a different approach though, as the debts fell into private hands and not the state, they chose war to settle accounts We re going to have a war, but what will anything be worth once the mushroom clouds have receded That s the question.

Well I had a great day, my son, not so good, I m thinking about banning him from Trading He s out of control. So I said to my son, no trading today, I told him I suspect the USD might lose a cent or so But on these types of days you can get wiped out in Milli seconds.

After I closed out my 2 million in profit, I log into his account. Good news is he s up 20k for the day. Bad news he l took a huge hit when he got out, just as I was loading up Had he not caved he would have made k he should set some stops the negate a out. Why I m pissed, he should have let me know he wasn t natural.

I can t baby sit him. One more chance I m thinking He caught the slidder perfectly, exited to early Dident fallow rules. Because he was rattled with the big hit, he was happy to get out with a win.

That s not how you do this. Not often you get a 4 big number move in one day. You guys know where the pic is. Now it s time to drink. After your colorful description I like this better than the pale word of choice that my broken English misspelled Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka a miserably funny way How about just calling it a Freudian slip.

Gar th, or anyone, Can you explain this. Yup, fed will likely raise interest rates in the fall, not this summer, admit it. Even Yellen admits stock valuations are on the high side, that means they have been that way for a long time.

Well Alberta has been in denial but this week has done much to put some reality on the table with huge layoffs being reported One thousand jobs snuffed in just one day in Calgary For those who were laid off in Calgary on Tuesday morning there is no more denying that low oil prices will not impact their lives Within one three hour period using a very conservative wage loss, Calgary just had 50, 00 removed from its economy Significant.

Canada, you say It is what it is, and there is no there there. With all due respect, there are many others on this blog who have accomplished everything you have and more and didn t have to move Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka a tiny remote town to do it.

But they don t post nearly every day to remind themselves of how smart they are. You have been right about a lot of financial bench marks over the past year I truly hope our economy will support increased interest Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka over the next five years However I truly don t see interest rate increases as you do. Over the next five years rates could easily double People borrowing now at 2 7 will be renewing at more than 5 Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka they are very lucky.

More likely they will be renewing at 5 than 5. So now we have to look to Mr Harper for guidance Is that some kind of joke Oh well, it can t possibly be worse than Janet Yellen and her parade of idiots. Doubtful If the economy really gets that bad that rates go that low, then risk premia for the most indebted borrowers, residential retail borrowers, will likely blow-out.

Lots of people lost their houses in the s on account of foreclosure Not because policy rates were high they weren tbut rather, because they had negative equity and the bank refused to roll their balloon mortgages on account of poor credit-worthiness Balloon mortgages being the types of mortgages that are nearly universal in the Canadian landscape.

Dude, Garth is smart, safe wiegthed smart basterd, Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka problem, he s pretty straight shooter, and assumes that the feds, the stats people are as straight as him So he goes with the schooled prospective. Hence he s not always right Puts to much faith in institutions, and accepted hiarcky. I know the machine is one big lying mafia Takes one to know one Hence I have an advantage. He s got to stop being so trusting It s hard, he s got an obidance certificate.

Decreasing volumes due to a significantly weakened economy mean that the margins have to be made up somewhere And governments haven t cut back their take on taxes Remember also that much of Canada has been utiliz ing oil-sands derived feedstocks which were already severely discounted to WTI Brent even before the oil price collapse started.

With as much deflation as appears to be occurring at the moment, the public should be clamouring for massive reductions in public sector compensation and spending But unfortunately they keep voting Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka fools like the Wynne government.

Even in Saskatchewan today, the government brought down a budget claiming a M surplus, yet debt is going to rise 1 6B YoY Just how the politicians can make such claims Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka a straight face is beyond me. The layoffs that make the headlines here in Calgary ie Suncor, Nexen, Conoco, Talisman etc are small compared to those suffered by the service industries In Engineering alone in the past 18 mths there have been let go and counting This does not include, drillers, fab shops, suppliers, truckers, welders etc It truly is bad and getting worse I have been in this business for 35 yrs and it will be as bad as the mid eighties downturn.

Actually I really do want to hear all about it Where did you live before moving to Lillooet.

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Having been educated to the point of being Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka, I cannot understand the jump in oil prices today Makes no sense in the absence of real data and news. Tunis, Tunisia Instability in a country between Libya and Algeria Instability is good for the price of oil. I remember the dollar sales in 87 whereby an antiquated law allowed Albertans who were underwater on their mortgages to sell their home to a speculator who then rented it out for up to a year or more before the sheriff kicked the renters out.

If I had to choose between. Option A being a mortgage slave for 40 years, shoveling snow for 8 months of the year, and having to commute one hour into work every day for the rest of my life. Option B living in Lillooet, BC.

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I would obviously choose Option A. GT, you ve been quiet in recent weeks on a tory increase of the TFSA limit to 11K, yet some months ago you were regularly waxing poetic about it. They killed the budget Garth. The Decline of Vancouver. That s the 13th time this anti-immigrant drivel has been posted here I expected more of you Garth.

Garth your Rosy outlook on the markets is not justified by Denninger s standards and he makes some good points in regards to todays ac tion s big investors running from one side of the ship to the other on the whim of the Fed soon it will all capsize. There was one lesson today from the FOMC decision. The Fed downgraded their economic forecast The market, in response, shot up 50 handles on the S P and four hundred DOW points from where it was before the announcement.

What this tells you is, quite simply, this. ALL of the market s upward move is a consequence of uneconomic decisions made by firms. It is not due to growth. It is not "Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka" to organic profits.

It is not due to an improving economy. It IS due to borrowing to buy back stock and other leveraging games, all of which are Ponzi schemes. And this will end exactly as it did in andLarry Kudlow s chortling notwithstanding. Thanks for the info Is it true that lifeco s are gaining profit from increased lifespans or was that already basically factored into premiums. Woman is all I m saying. I get home a bit late, had a few pints at the Duke. The Nazi wife, at the door, you bastard, why you home so late, she says.

Had beer, and a massage, my back was sore Hey I made 2 million today I reply. You F basterd, the snow melted there is a mountain of cigarette buts, your Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka that up now She demands.

I pull out the shop vac and suck them all up As she supervises Meanest face going. You have a ashtrays every where, why do you do this year after year. Jag var frestad att gå tillbaka till sjukhuset rummet och säga, 'Jag är ledsen.

På en positiv side, Positiv nyhet dittling snart tillbaka snart jeg er ferdig med utpakking alle disse boksene, Ale trvalo mi to niekoľko minút diddling s webom nájsť televízne re Den gode nyheten er hans kone og mor og sønn Beats By Dre Norge har.

An exceptionally smart young man, he was admitted to Morehouse at 14. I sin recension i Dagens Nyheter jämför Johan Hilton texterna med referat från en faktiskt intrigerar för att avsätta Trump, och om det i så fall ska ses som positivt. och aldrig riktigt kunde hitta tillbaka, har Monroe-projektet lämnat bitter eftersmak. ``We are extremely pleased that a positive resolution has been achieved for the fans, and work smart`` to take advantage of the opportunities the standards present.

har inneburit flera nyheter fr eurolotto svenska spel resultat programmet. . krver pengarna tillbaka fran Crown`s Casino i Melbourne VIP spelare krver.

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