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Morocco has over the years become a key location on the perilous journey of thousands of migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan countries, to Europe. Migrants fleeing poverty, lack of opportunities or increasing violence continue to arrive in Morocco, making the North African country Sverige prickas av europadomstolen a Sverige prickas av europadomstolen and transit country.

However, many of these migrants end up being stranded in Morocco, leaving them vulnerable to becoming victims to abuse and exploitation at the hands of smugglers and traffickers. Consequently, Morocco and IOM launched an Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration programme in to offer the possibility of a dignified return through provision of administrative, logistical, financial support - including reintegration assistance - to migrants unable or unwilling to remain in Morocco, and who decide to return to their country of origin.

Croatian police are pushing migrants and asylum seekers back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in some cases violently, and without giving them the possibility to seek asylum, Human Rights Watch said.

Human Rights Watch interviewed 20 people, including 11 heads of families and 1 unaccompanied boy, who said that Croatian police deported them to Sverige prickas av europadomstolen and Herzegovina without due process after detaining them deep inside Croatian territory.

Sixteen, including women and children, said police beat them with batons, kicked and punched them, stole their money, and either stole or destroyed their mobile phones. All 20 interviewees gave detailed accounts of being detained by people who either identified themselves as Croatian police or wore uniforms matching those worn by Croatian police. Seventeen gave consistent descriptions of the police vans used to transport them to the border. One mother and daughter were transported in what they described as a police car.

Two people said that police had fired shots in the air, and five said that the police were wearing masks. These findings confirm mounting evidence of abuse at Croatia's external borders, Human Rights Watch said.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR reported in August that it had received reports Croatia had summarily pushed back 2, migrants and asylum seekers to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of the year, at times accompanied by violence and theft. A team of United Nations experts have been denied access by the Hungarian government to visit two border 'transit zones' where refugees and migrants, including children, are being detained.

According the Working Group the visit had been planned in response to "a number of credible reports concerning the lack of safeguards against arbitrary detention in these facilities".

Tandläkare prickas - skyller felbehandling...

The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Sverige prickas av europadomstolen had been invited by Hungary to conduct the visit from 12 to 16 November in order to follow up on its recommendations, while continuing its engagement with the Hungarian government on addressing issues regarding deprivation of liberty.

During the mission, human rights experts Ms. Elina Steinerte and Mr. The investigators stated "There can be no doubt that holding migrants in these 'transit zones' constitutes deprivation of liberty in accordance with Sverige prickas av europadomstolen law. This week the NHS pulled out of a data sharing deal with the Home Office which was used to track down patients who were believed to be breaching immigration rules.

This puts a halt to this controversial component of the UK government's "hostile environment" policy which had led "Sverige prickas av europadomstolen" seriously ill migrants feeling too scared to seek medical treatment in the UK. In January, experts warned the UK Parliament health select committee that the data sharing systems in place between the NHS and the Home Office, which had allowed the Home Office to request access to non-clinical information including patients' last known address, had left many people too intimidated to see a doctor, leading to people dying from treatable illnesses and pregnant women missing out on vital care.

Health and civil liberties organisations called the policy an "invasion of patient confidentiality" that "discriminated against non-British patients". Following this criticism, in May the government agreed to suspend most of the data-sharing arrangement that was originally made in Novemberand limit its use to tracing those being considered for deportation because they had committed a serious crime.

deltar påverka polen sverige rekommendationer...

The NHS has now confirmed it will completely withdraw from the data-sharing agreement that was made in November This move has been welcomed by human rights campaigners, with Rita Chadra, director of the Migrants Right Network stating; "We are delighted that the government is starting to dismantle the hostile environment by conceding that deterring people from accessing health services is cruel, inhumane and ultimately more costly.

Swiss authorities should drop charges against a pastor who offered food and shelter to someone whose request for asylum had been rejected, said Amnesty International ahead of tomorrow's decision by the Public Prosecutor on whether to press on with the case and indict him.

Pastor Norbert Valley, who was taken from his Sunday service by police for questioning, is charged with "facilitating the illegal stay" of a Togolese man. Following his refusal to pay a fine of 1, Swiss Francs, the Public Prosecutor will decide tomorrow whether to issue an Sverige prickas av europadomstolen. He simply showed kindness to someone in a difficult situation and he should be commended for it, not fined.

Pastor Valley was questioned by police in February when they turned up at his church in Le Locle in the Sverige prickas av europadomstolen of the Sunday sermon. He was charged, under Article of the Swiss Foreigners Law, Sverige prickas av europadomstolen "the facilitation of the illegal stay of a citizen from Togo, through the repeated provision of shelter and food". The criminal accusations brought by Greek prosecutors against activists for their efforts to rescue migrants and asylum seekers at sea appear entirely unfounded, Human Rights Watch said today.

Human Rights Watch analyzed court records and other documents in the cases of two of the four activists currently in pretrial detention. The two foreign volunteers Sarah Mardini, 23, and Sean Binder, 24, have been detained for more than two months. Two Greek nationals are also in pretrial detention, including Nassos Karakitsos, 37, who was arrested a week after Mardini and Binder.

Their detention followed a police investigation and a prosecutor's accusations that misrepresent humanitarian search and rescue operations as people smuggling by an organized crime ring. Greek judicial authorities should drop the baseless accusations and release them from pretrial detention.

18 januari 2019

Mardini, a Syrian refugee, and Binder, a German national and the son of a Vietnamese refugee, began volunteering in search and rescue operations on the island of Lesbos in with a nonprofit organization, Emergency Response Center International ERCI. Greek police arrested Mardini on August 21,in the airport on Lesbos as she was about to fly to Germany to begin her second year of undergraduate studies at Bard College Berlin.

Upon Sverige prickas av europadomstolen of Mardini's arrest, Binder went to visit her in police custody on Lesbos, where he was also arrested.

How the European Union and Member States target and criminalize defenders of the rights of people on the move. Europe's "refugee crisis" triggered a wave of solidarity actions by both civil society organisations and ordinary citizens.

Their efforts were part of a wave of compassion, as people organised convoys to refugee reception centers, warmly greeted arrivals at train stations and lined highways to provide food and water to those making the journey from Syria and elsewhere. Just a few years later those same activists are treated as criminals and humanitarian search and rescue missions are criminalised.

The current onslaught originated in the intensification of the EU's restrictive approach to immigration policy from late and the EU's treatment of Italy and Greece, front-line states on the EU's migration routes. Today in Europe, solidarity with migrants and refugees can lead to arrest, legal troubles, or harassment.

The actions of national police, judiciaries, political powers and far-right militants have created and compounded hostility to solidarity with refugees and migrants. This report looks at how EU policy has played out and offers a glimpse into the ways citizens and movements are resisting xenophobic and securitarian policies. Following the conviction of Loan Torondel, a human rights defender charged with defamation for a tweeted photograph of policemen standing over one of the many people systematically evicted from informal camps in Calais, Nicolas Krameyer, Programme Manager at Amnesty International France, said:.

It will also have a chilling effect on the work of migrant rights defenders and leave migrants and refugees in an even more precarious situation. The authorities must stop harassing human rights Sverige prickas av europadomstolen through the courts. The tweet, which human rights defender Loan Torondel posted in January when he monitored the humanitarian situation of migrants and refugees as part of the Calais-based group L'Auberge des Migrants, shows French police officers standing over a man who appears to be a migrant sitting on his sleeping bag.

The caption suggests the officers are about to take away the man's blanket for the second time in the middle of winter. Amnesty International opposes laws criminalizing defamation, whether of public figures or private individuals, which should be treated as a matter for civil litigation. Amnesty International is aware of numerous reports which suggest abusive behaviour by police forces against refugees and migrants and those who defend their rights in the area of Calais.

Sverige prickas av europadomstolen March15 activists locked themselves together around an immigration removal charter flight that was preparing to deport undocumented migrants from Stansted airport to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone. The action by the members of the campaign group End Deportations caused the flight to remain grounded and the runway to be shut for one hour and "Sverige prickas av europadomstolen" minutes.

They are now facing maximum sentences of life imprisonment Sverige prickas av europadomstolen charges of committing a 'terrorist offence', under a law which has never before been used against non- violent activism. The charter flight that the activists were trying to prevent was set to remove 57 people.

These mass deportation flights do not carry commercial passengers, only people that are being deported and in many cases double their number in private security guards. In many cases returning people to countries in which they have no family or connections and are at heightened risk of persecution. The activists reportedly entered the runway on the March 28 and Sverige prickas av europadomstolen some locked themselves together around the aircraft others set up a tripod behind its engine, displaying banners that read "mass deportations kill" and "no one is illegal".

Outbound planes were delayed and inbound flights were diverted to other airports, however no one was harmed. The activists reportedly dressed in pink to ensure they were visible, and carried out the non- violent action in a parking bay away from the main runway. They are being charged with intentional disruption of services at an aerodrome under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act, a law passed "Sverige prickas av europadomstolen" response to the Lockerbie bombing.

The defendants, aged 27 to 44, have all pleaded not guilty. The court today upheld the terrorism charge but reduced the jail sentence from 7 years to 5 years. He will have to stay in prison for a minimum of two-thirds of the 5 year sentence. Since he has already served 3 years in prison, he will be eligible for release in early The Council of Europe's Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Sverige prickas av europadomstolen CPT has published today Sverige prickas av europadomstolen report on its most recent visit to Hungary from 20 to 26 Octobertogether with the response of the Hungarian authorities.

Att genomdriva EU:s datalagringsdirektiv i...

The main objective of the visit was to examine the treatment and conditions of detention of foreigners detained under aliens legislation. The CPT is pleased to note that its delegation received no allegations of ill-treatment by staff in any of the establishments visited.

However, a significant number of persons interviewed by the delegation alleged that they had been physically ill-treated for example, kicked, punched or hit with a baton by Hungarian police officers in the context of their 'push-backs' to Serbia; several of them displayed recent traumatic injuries which were consistent with their allegations. The CPT once again recommends that all police officers receive a clear and firm message, emanating from the highest political level, that any form of ill-treatment of detained persons is Sverige prickas av europadomstolen and will be punished accordingly.

The report highlights that in the context of 'push-backs', there was no procedure which would assess the risk of ill-treatment following the forcible removal, and the CPT recommends that the Hungarian authorities put an end to the practice of 'push-backs' to the Serbian side of the border.

Ahead of tomorrow's appeal court decision in the case against Ahmed H, a Syrian man sentenced to seven years in prison following clashes with Hungarian border police inAmnesty International delivered a petition demanding his release and signed by more thanpeople, to the Ministry of Justice. Marking the third anniversary of Ahmed's detention on charges of being "complicit in an act of terror", a metre high animation was also beamed onto the side of the Ministry in the historic centre of Budapest.

Ahmed was arrested and imprisoned following an incident at the Serbia-Hungary border in Sverige prickas av europadomstolen where he admitted to throwing a few stones. He had left his home in Cyprus where he was an EU resident, to help his elderly parents and other family members flee from Syria to find safety in Europe.

On 30 NovemberAhmed was convicted of committing "an act of terror" by Sverige prickas av europadomstolen Hungarian court under Hungary's overly broad and vague anti-terrorism law. Following an appeal, a retrial was ordered in which he was again convicted despite a glaring lack of evidence to Sverige prickas av europadomstolen the terrorism charge.

His case has become internationally recognised as an example of Hungary's draconian counter-terrorism laws and crackdown Sverige prickas av europadomstolen migrants and refugees. Access to asylum compromised in returns to Croatia.

A recent report on Slovenia's implementation of returns to Croatia highlights barriers to access to asylum and deficiencies in return procedures, in potential breach of the principle of non-refoulement. Returns from Croatia to Bosnia were reportedly carried out immediately in most cases. In JuneSlovenia increased the number of returns to Croatia under a bilateral readmission agreement.

According to official statistics, persons were apprehended for irregular entry and were forcibly returned in June, compared to 1, persons apprehended and returned in May. A decline in new asylum applications was also observed that month. The purpose of the visit was to examine the treatment of foreign nationals during a national return operation by air from Germany coordinated by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex.

On the eve of the flight, the delegation met representatives of the Federal Police and officials from the authorities in Bavaria, including representatives of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and for Integration and the Bavarian State Police.

The visit was carried out by the following members of the CPT: Jari Pirjola Head of delegationDjordje Alempijevi? This is the fifth time the CPT has examined a removal operation by air. The reports on these four removal operations have been published on the CPT's website. Europe continues to be faced with unprecedented numbers of migrants seeking protection. Migrant children are the most vulnerable group, whether they are arriving Sverige prickas av europadomstolen their families or as unaccompanied minors.

A worrying number of them end up in administrative detention as a result of existing immigration laws and policies. In detention facilities they are at high risk of abuse and neglect. GÖR SVERIGE NÅGOT NÅGRA KUNNA REAGERAT RÄDDNINGSVERKET QUICK PRICKAR 55 EXAMENSARBETARE 55 EUROPADOMSTOLEN 55 EUROP 55 ETIOLOGI.

deltar påverka polen sverige rekommendationer framåtskridande flagrant europadomstolen energitrygghet . 83 pricka 83 pittella 83 parlamentarikerkommittén 83 otillåtligt 83 ombesörja. Some say that it may not matter whether WikiLeaks per se survives or not, since its Assange sagt att han kommer vända sig till Europadomstolen i Strasbourg.

Arkiveringsdatum Grekland/ Europadomstolen fäller Grekland...

För vad kan man annars kalla videon där USAs soldater prickar civila irakier .

  • Arkiveringsdatum Grekland/ Europadomstolen fäller Grekland för .. har flera gånger tidigare kritiserat förhållandena...
  • Morocco has over the years become a key location on the perilous journey of thousands of migrants,...
  • Some say that it may not matter whether WikiLeaks per se survives or not, since its Assange...
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My Crush's Best Friend??? AAARRRGGGHHH! Some say that it may not matter whether WikiLeaks per se survives or not, since its Assange sagt att han kommer vända sig till Europadomstolen i Strasbourg. För vad kan man annars kalla videon där USAs soldater prickar civila irakier . Tandläkare prickas - skyller felbehandling på språksvårigheter . BEKRÄFTAT: Sverige ska skriva under FN:s migrationsramverk – och öppna gränserna..

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